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Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
Portable Hydrogen oral care cup
Powerful sterilization and fresh breath US FDA certified food-grade material Tritan  
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Hydrogen breathing machine for home
150ml MMS H2 Breathing Generator for home
Feature of 150ml MMS H2 Breathing Generator for home Pulse gas supply - double efficiency Respiration detection - automatic starts and stops Automatic starts and stops Pulse gas supply Sleep mode Timing function Alarm monitoring Vehicle function
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H2 Inhaler for home
3000ml Hydrogen Generator for home
A new generation of intelligent Hydrogen machine for health Lr-3000Pro Equipped with MMS medical solutions which is integrated the medical-grade vital signs monitoring algorithm applied in the field of intelligent solutions hydrogen and oxygen equipment by Lirui Technology.
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OxyHydrogen Generator
300ml/min Portable H2 Inhalation Machine
Innovative technology with quality life  Long service life and low       maintenance cost Daily maintenance only needs to be  supplemented with purified water  Highly active PEM catalytic    electrolysis technology Product Model : L1 Power Supply:AC110V-220V 50/60Hz Size:L*W*H:120*150*195mm Maximum power rating:150w Net weight:3.5Kg Hydrogen Purity : >99.9% Guarantee period:Quality Assurance period for 1 years Water-quality requirement:Cestbon Pure water Gas Flow:.150ml-300ml/min
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OxyHydrogen Inhalation Machine
H2 Inhalation Machine
Adjustable Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 2 in 1 Function for Hydrogen or Oxyhydrogen · PEM Technology · Pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen 99.9% · 900ml or 3000ml Flow
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Electrolyzed Molecular Hydrogen generator
Health Care Hydrogen Generator Machine For Home
Hydrogen Benefits for Human Body: The modern medical science thinks that The decay is the process of acidification of matter(oxidation).absorb O2, drinking and smoking, environmental pollution etc could produce oxygen free radicals in human body. (1)This could vandalize the cell tissue, Genetic disease and aging in the body. Hydrogen could effectively remove free radicals in the body. (2)Hydrogen anti-oxidation is much more powerful than vitamin C, carrot, lecithin etc people already familiared antioxidative substance. (3)Hydrogen has powerful prevention role for: allergic dermatitis, Constipation, Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer etc various deseases caused by free radicals. (4)People often take hydrogen, can very good promote metabolism, can make every cell maintains a healthy state. Remove toxin in the body, anti-aging. (5)Drinking hydrogen rich water and together breathing hydrogen will be more effective.double increase H2 content.
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Hydrogen Rich Water to breathing
High-Concentration Portable Hydrogen Water Maker
Benefits for using Hydrogen Generator Maker for home regularly: (1) Reduce fatigue & boost vitality (2) Remedy for allergies (3) Promote cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health (4) Fight off inflammation (5) Prevent & Reverse Degenerative Diseases (6) Improve memory & cognitive function.
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Hydrogen Generator For Home Use
Portable H2 Affordable Hydrogen Generator For Home Use
Benefits for using hydrogen generator machine for home regularly: (1) Reduce fatigue & boost vitality (2)Remedy for allergies (3) Promote cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health (4) Fight off inflammation (5) Prevent & Reverse Degenerative Diseases (6) Improve memory & cognitive function.
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The fantastic Liry
We are determined to provide you with the best hydrogen technology products forever.
Dongguan Liry Technology Co.,Ltd.
Liry was founded by Cindy Zou in 2016 and is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of hydrogen technology products. Cindy is a rhinitis patient. When the temperature in the air changes, Cindy will sneeze constantly, especially in the summer from the air-conditioned room to the outdoors, and wake up in the morning winter. By chance, Cindy came into contact with hydrogen technology and tried to use hydrogen technology products for 3 months. She miraculously found that her rhinitis was cured. No matter how the temperature changed, she stopped sneezing, so Liry Technology was born. . Believe in the future, believe in hydrogen technology products.
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Through the full efforts of the expert team, we have successfully developed six series of products, including portable hydrogen generator and desktop hydrogen generator
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    The 9th National Hydrogen Biomedicine Conference was successfully held
    The 9th National Hydrogen from Best Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Biomedicine Conference and the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch of the Chinese Geriatric Healthcare Medical Research Association, as a forum of the China Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Health Industry Conference (CCGI), will be held on November 17-19, 2023 It was solemnly held in Haikou. The theme of the conference is "Hydrogen medicine industry, academia and research jointly develop, hydrogen technology from Hydrogen Inhalation Machine price from China empowers a healthy free trade island", focusing on the research results of hydrogen biology in the fields of medicine and geriatric medicine. At the opening ceremony on the morning of 18th,November,2023 Professor Qin Shucun, chairman of the conference and the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch of the Chinese Geriatric Healthcare Research Association, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that this conference invited many experts at home and abroad who have achieved original research results. Scholars, specially invited lectures will promote new talents, encourage innovative thinking, encourage interdisciplinary research, and encourage the creativity of young scholars to promote the inheritance of the development of hydrogen biomedicine. He recalled that previous national hydrogen biomedicine conferences have also witnessed the hard work, persistent pursuit and growth of countless scientific researchers and doctors. Their research results have made significant progress in the following three areas. First, in terms of molecular mechanisms, the iron porphyrin hypothesis, biological enzyme hypothesis, and lipoprotein hypothesis have been proposed and verified, which have attracted increasing attention from the academic community; second, in terms of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine has evolved from cohort trials to placebo controls, and from single-center There is an increasing trend of reports to multiple centers; third, in terms of transformation and application, zero breakthroughs have been achieved such as national medical devices, medical equipment catalogues, and inclusion in national medical insurance. He hopes that this conference can promote exchanges, broaden horizons, and stimulate innovation. Accept new ideas with an open mind and break through difficulties with an innovative spirit. While expanding the application fields of hydrogen biomedicine, we should also promote the development of related fields and jointly make due contributions to human health. At this conference, 27 experts and scholars from different fields such as medicine, biology, botany, and materials science reported their innovative academic results. Among them, 8 foreign scholars were invited to give academic reports or video reports. They were From Japan Medical University, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Yonsei University in South Korea, Kyushu University in Japan, University of Utah in the United States, Unive...
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    Lirui Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Holiday
    Dear all employees and customers: As the warm sunshine of spring gradually melts away the chill of winter, Lirui Hydrogen Inhalation Device for Home usher in the International Workers' Day, a common holiday for workers around the world. At this special moment that belongs to every hard worker, we would like to extend our holiday greetings and sincere thanks to all employees, customers and friends, and thank you for your efforts and sweat for the development of the company in the past year. Based on the national legal holiday arrangements and the actual situation of the Lirui Hydrogen Inhaler and Generator, it is now decided that the International Workers' Day arrangements are as follows: 1. The holiday period is from May 1st to May 5th, a total of five days. 2. Each department shall properly arrange its work before the holiday. Please be sure to cut off water and power supplies and take safety precautions. 3. During the holidays, all employees need to keep their mobile phones on 24 hours a day to ensure smooth communication in case of emergencies. 4. During the festival, for customer orders, please contact +86 13538439078. Our staff on duty will provide you with all services.For customers who place orders during the holidays, we will send them small gifts with our holiday wishes. 5. In the event of a major emergency, quickly activate the emergency plan. All employees from Lirui Best Hydrogen Inhalation Machine from China are requested to do a good job handover to ensure the smooth progress of work during the holidays. During this period, in case of emergency work needs, please keep communication open so that you can respond at any time. At the same time, we remind everyone to pay attention to safety, take personal protection, and stay healthy while enjoying the holiday. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! Thank you again for all your hard work and happy Labor Day! Dongguan Lirui Technology Co., Ltd. April 25, 2024
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    Lirui hydrogen inhaler attend Health & Wellness Japan
    Warmly congratulations to our Health Hydrogen Inhalation machine agents for successfully participating in the Health & Wellness Japan.   Health & Wellness Japan,started in 1983 and is the largest and most important health industry exhibition in Japan so far. Since its launch, it has been enthusiastically sought after by exhibitors and buyers every year, and is regarded by exhibitors as the only and most effective channel to directly open the Japanese health product market.   Our H2 inhaler and machine agents gathered with many buyers and exhibitors to negotiate and discuss the latest development trends of the Japanese health industry market, and at the same time received the most direct feedback.
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Video Center
Video including how to use Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator,Hydrogen Generator and our company,hope you will like it.
How to use Hydrogen Water Ventilator
How to use Hydrogen Water Ventilator
How to use Hydrogen Water Bottle
How to use Hydrogen Water Bottle
How to use Hydrogen Water Generator with PEM 1.Please charge the Hydrogen WATER Bottle fully before using.The charging port of the generator adopts type-C interface. 2.Open the cap of the mineral water bottle,turn the main body of the Water To Hydrogen machine upside down and fit it to the mouth of the mineral water bottle,and tighten it clockwise.Place the main body of the generator upright, and the mineral water bottle is in an upside-down state.Or you can fill with water in bottles inmediately. 3.Enter the On button.After 10mins working,you could enjoy your High-concentration Hydrogen water.

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