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Hydrogen breathing machine for home
150ml MMS H2 Breathing Generator for home
Feature of 150ml MMS H2 Breathing Generator for home Pulse gas supply - double efficiency Respiration detection - automatic starts and stops Automatic starts and stops Pulse gas supply Sleep mode Timing function Alarm monitoring Vehicle function
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H2 Inhaler for home
3000ml Hydrogen Generator for home
A new generation of intelligent Hydrogen machine for health Lr-3000Pro Equipped with MMS medical solutions which is integrated the medical-grade vital signs monitoring algorithm applied in the field of intelligent solutions hydrogen and oxygen equipment by Lirui Technology.
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OxyHydrogen Generator
300ml/min Portable H2 Inhalation Machine
Innovative technology with quality life  Long service life and low       maintenance cost Daily maintenance only needs to be  supplemented with purified water  Highly active PEM catalytic    electrolysis technology Product Model : L1 Power Supply:AC110V-220V 50/60Hz Size:L*W*H:120*150*195mm Maximum power rating:150w Net weight:3.5Kg Hydrogen Purity : >99.9% Guarantee period:Quality Assurance period for 1 years Water-quality requirement:Cestbon Pure water Gas Flow:.150ml-300ml/min
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OxyHydrogen Inhalation Machine
H2 Inhalation Machine
Adjustable Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 2 in 1 Function for Hydrogen or Oxyhydrogen · PEM Technology · Pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen 99.9% · 900ml or 3000ml Flow
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Electrolyzed Molecular Hydrogen generator
Health Care Hydrogen Generator Machine For Home
Hydrogen Benefits for Human Body: The modern medical science thinks that The decay is the process of acidification of matter(oxidation).absorb O2, drinking and smoking, environmental pollution etc could produce oxygen free radicals in human body. (1)This could vandalize the cell tissue, Genetic disease and aging in the body. Hydrogen could effectively remove free radicals in the body. (2)Hydrogen anti-oxidation is much more powerful than vitamin C, carrot, lecithin etc people already familiared antioxidative substance. (3)Hydrogen has powerful prevention role for: allergic dermatitis, Constipation, Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer etc various deseases caused by free radicals. (4)People often take hydrogen, can very good promote metabolism, can make every cell maintains a healthy state. Remove toxin in the body, anti-aging. (5)Drinking hydrogen rich water and together breathing hydrogen will be more effective.double increase H2 content.
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Hydrogen Rich Water to breathing
High-Concentration Portable Hydrogen Water Maker
Benefits for using Hydrogen Generator Maker for home regularly: (1) Reduce fatigue & boost vitality (2) Remedy for allergies (3) Promote cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health (4) Fight off inflammation (5) Prevent & Reverse Degenerative Diseases (6) Improve memory & cognitive function.
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Hydrogen Generator For Home Use
Portable H2 Affordable Hydrogen Generator For Home Use
Benefits for using hydrogen generator machine for home regularly: (1) Reduce fatigue & boost vitality (2)Remedy for allergies (3) Promote cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health (4) Fight off inflammation (5) Prevent & Reverse Degenerative Diseases (6) Improve memory & cognitive function.
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Gut Health Care Hydrogen Water Bottle
Smart Water System Hydrogen Infused Water Bottle
High-concentration hydrogen-rich water cup: working for 5 minutes, the hydrogen concentration can reach 3000 ppb, after working for 10 minutes, the hydrogen concentration can reach 5000 ppb 2586PC Cup Body with Aluminum Alloy Cover:Double-layer cup body, not easy to break HYDROGEN WATER IS BENEFICIAL TO BODY: Activated hydrogen in hydrogen alkaline water can combined with radical, strong osmosis, Continuously enhance body blood circulation, activate body cell, enhance immunity, promote digestion and excretion, improve gastrointestinal system, effectively improve the metabolism
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The fantastic Liry
We are determined to provide you with the best hydrogen technology products forever.
Dongguan Liry Technology Co.,Ltd.
Liry was founded by Cindy Zou in 2016 and is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of hydrogen technology products. Cindy is a rhinitis patient. When the temperature in the air changes, Cindy will sneeze constantly, especially in the summer from the air-conditioned room to the outdoors, and wake up in the morning winter. By chance, Cindy came into contact with hydrogen technology and tried to use hydrogen technology products for 3 months. She miraculously found that her rhinitis was cured. No matter how the temperature changed, she stopped sneezing, so Liry Technology was born. . Believe in the future, believe in hydrogen technology products.
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Number Of Employees In The Company
Latest News
Through the full efforts of the expert team, we have successfully developed six series of products, including portable hydrogen generator and desktop hydrogen generator
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    Lirui Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday
    The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching in China, all staff of Li Rui Hydrogen Inhaler Machine will have a holiday from 29th,September to 5th,October. If you have any questions, please contact Whatsapp: +86 1353843 9078. The bright moon welcomes the festive season, the flowers bloom for reunion, the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the National Day, and Lirui H2 Inhaler Machine share the same time across the world. Lirui H2 Inhalation Machine wish you all have a happy double Festival!
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    The first Mid-Autumn Carnival of Lirui Technology
    Summer is passing and autumn is coming, the evening breeze is blowing, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is right in front of us. In order to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, create a warm and festive atmosphere of reunion, enrich our company's cultural and entertainment life, and strengthen the emotional bonds between colleagues, on the evening of 23th, September, the first Mid-Autumn Carnival of H2 breathing machine Lirui Technology  held the "2023 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival". "The event started with a heart-warming start, and all Lirui H2 Inhaler from China family members talked and reunited. Lirui Hydrogen Inhaler machine set up games such as guessing lantern riddles, happy hoops, throwing sandbags, pushing hoops, and catching glass balls. Everyone collected stamps by participating in the games and participated in redeeming prizes. The sweet notes stir the heartstrings, and the beautiful singing voices evoke resonance, making people unable to help but hum along with the music. As songs, musical instrument performances and other programs were interspersed, the event entered an intense lottery draw. We also invited sponsors to give exquisite gifts to the winning friends. Finally, we had a barbecue.
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    150ml MMS Hydrogen breathing machine have been finished
    MMS pulse hydrogen oxygen machine Lr-500Pro have been finished. Product Name: Oxygen Hydrogen Machine Hydrogen and oxygen flow/pulse efficiency: 180mL/min/equal to 500mL/min Noise: <60dB(A) Rated power: 60VA Power supply: 100~240V, 50-60Hz Net weight/Gross weight: 1.4Kg/1.6Kg Appearance size:130*130*214mm Operating temperature and humidity: 5℃-40℃; <80%RH When the automatic start-stop function is turned on, and the Hydrogen Inhaler like Japan will automatically start supplying gas when the user put on the absorption tube as the Hydrogen breathing machine detecting the user's breathing When the automatic start-stop function is turned on, the H2 breathing machine will automatically stop the air supply and enter the standby state when the absorption tube is removed or falls off about 15 seconds Automatic detection of respiratory wave    Automatically start Lirui hydrogen oxygen machine Professional is more at ease
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Video Center
Video including how to use Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator,Hydrogen Generator and our company,hope you will like it.
How to use Hydrogen Water Ventilator
How to use Hydrogen Water Ventilator
How to use Hydrogen Water Bottle
How to use Hydrogen Water Bottle
How to use Hydrogen Water Generator with PEM 1.Please charge the Hydrogen WATER Bottle fully before using.The charging port of the generator adopts type-C interface. 2.Open the cap of the mineral water bottle,turn the main body of the Water To Hydrogen machine upside down and fit it to the mouth of the mineral water bottle,and tighten it clockwise.Place the main body of the generator upright, and the mineral water bottle is in an upside-down state.Or you can fill with water in bottles inmediately. 3.Enter the On button.After 10mins working,you could enjoy your High-concentration Hydrogen water.

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