The 9th National Hydrogen Biomedicine Conference was successfully held May 16, 2024

The 9th National Hydrogen from Best Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Biomedicine Conference and the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch of the Chinese Geriatric Healthcare Medical Research Association, as a forum of the China Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Health Industry Conference (CCGI), will be held on November 17-19, 2023 It was solemnly held in Haikou. The theme of the conference is "Hydrogen medicine industry, academia and research jointly develop, hydrogen technology from Hydrogen Inhalation Machine price from China empowers a healthy free trade island", focusing on the research results of hydrogen biology in the fields of medicine and geriatric medicine.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of 18th,November,2023 Professor Qin Shucun, chairman of the conference and the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch of the Chinese Geriatric Healthcare Research Association, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that this conference invited many experts at home and abroad who have achieved original research results. Scholars, specially invited lectures will promote new talents, encourage innovative thinking, encourage interdisciplinary research, and encourage the creativity of young scholars to promote the inheritance of the development of hydrogen biomedicine. He recalled that previous national hydrogen biomedicine conferences have also witnessed the hard work, persistent pursuit and growth of countless scientific researchers and doctors. Their research results have made significant progress in the following three areas. First, in terms of molecular mechanisms, the iron porphyrin hypothesis, biological enzyme hypothesis, and lipoprotein hypothesis have been proposed and verified, which have attracted increasing attention from the academic community; second, in terms of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine has evolved from cohort trials to placebo controls, and from single-center There is an increasing trend of reports to multiple centers; third, in terms of transformation and application, zero breakthroughs have been achieved such as national medical devices, medical equipment catalogues, and inclusion in national medical insurance. He hopes that this conference can promote exchanges, broaden horizons, and stimulate innovation. Accept new ideas with an open mind and break through difficulties with an innovative spirit. While expanding the application fields of hydrogen biomedicine, we should also promote the development of related fields and jointly make due contributions to human health.

At this conference, 27 experts and scholars from different fields such as medicine, biology, botany, and materials science reported their innovative academic results. Among them, 8 foreign scholars were invited to give academic reports or video reports. They were From Japan Medical University, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Yonsei University in South Korea, Kyushu University in Japan, University of Utah in the United States, University of Novi Sad in Serbia, University of Szeged in Hungary, and People's Friendship University in Russia. Domestic report scholars come from more than 20 hospitals, universities and research institutions, and the content involves basic and applied research on the application of hydrogen science and technology from Portable Hydrogen Inhaler like Japan in the biomedical field.

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