Lirui Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Holiday Apr 25, 2024
Dear all employees and customers:

As the warm sunshine of spring gradually melts away the chill of winter, Lirui Hydrogen Inhalation Device for Home usher in the International Workers' Day, a common holiday for workers around the world. At this special moment that belongs to every hard worker, we would like to extend our holiday greetings and sincere thanks to all employees, customers and friends, and thank you for your efforts and sweat for the development of the company in the past year.

Based on the national legal holiday arrangements and the actual situation of the Lirui Hydrogen Inhaler and Generator, it is now decided that the International Workers' Day arrangements are as follows:
1. The holiday period is from May 1st to May 5th, a total of five days.
2. Each department shall properly arrange its work before the holiday. Please be sure to cut off water and power supplies and take safety precautions.
3. During the holidays, all employees need to keep their mobile phones on 24 hours a day to ensure smooth communication in case of emergencies.

4. During the festival, for customer orders, please contact +86 13538439078. Our staff on duty will provide you with all services.For customers who place orders during the holidays, we will send them small gifts with our holiday wishes.

5. In the event of a major emergency, quickly activate the emergency plan.

All employees from Lirui Best Hydrogen Inhalation Machine from China are requested to do a good job handover to ensure the smooth progress of work during the holidays. During this period, in case of emergency work needs, please keep communication open so that you can respond at any time. At the same time, we remind everyone to pay attention to safety, take personal protection, and stay healthy while enjoying the holiday.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! Thank you again for all your hard work and happy Labor Day!

Dongguan Lirui Technology Co., Ltd.

April 25, 2024

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