Four evidences that hydrogen is safe for humans Jun 16, 2021

Hydrogen molecular health care has been developed for more than ten years. In addition to Professor Naruto Ota’s discovery that hydrogen molecules have selective antioxidant properties in 2007, some scholars have recently discovered that hydrogen plays a role of a certain communication factor, which can inhibit or activate certain cytokines.

As more and more hydrogen molecular health literature results are published, we still need to examine the safety of hydrogen used in humans. The seven major evidences about the safety of hydrogen used in humans are as follows.

Evidence one:Hydrogen is an endogenous gas

The so-called endogenous gas refers to our body's own opportunity to produce hydrogen, so we are naturally tolerant to hydrogen. There are many bacteria in the human intestines. Some of these bacteria use sugars that we cannot absorb as a matrix to decompose to produce energy and produce hydrogen gas. However, most of these hydrogen gas is excreted from our body when we fart.

Evidence two:Hydrogen used in diving applications

Molecular Hydrogen has been used in diving medicine for more than two hundred years. Because divers need to go deep into the seabed, the accompanying high pressure will cause hypertensive neurosis. Divers usually use breathing high-pressure hydrogen as a method of relief and prevention. The volume concentration is as high as 54% or more. When such a high dose of hydrogen enters the human body, it is still quite safe. Generally, we use breathing hydrogen to achieve a healthy volume concentration of about 1%-4%, which is far lower than diving requirements, so it is quite safe.

Evidence Three:Hazardous Substance Database (MSDS)

The description of hydrogen from the Hazardous Substance Database (MSDS) can confirm that hydrogen has no specific toxic reaction.

Evidence Four:National announcements

From 2014 to 2015, Europe, the United States, Japan, and China successively announced that hydrogen is a safe food additive. The US FDA even explicitly announced that hydrogen molecules dissolved in water or beverages can be directly listed in the GRAS (Generally recognized as safe abbreviation) level, which proves Drinking hydrogen water is absolutely safe.

Through the four major hydrogen safety evidences that we have appealed, we only need to pay attention to the purity of hydrogen that meets the US FDA standards, reaching 99.995%, and the concentration of hydrogen in the air should not be too high. We can grasp the above two criteria.

You can safely use hydrogen to achieve your health. Generally speaking, how to use hydrogen is divided into Inhalation of Hydrogen and drinking of Hydrogen Water. These two methods have different effects. At present, it is difficult to quantify the effect separately in theory. For dangerous and long-term chronic diseases, inhale hydrogen and drink hydrogen at the same time should be the most efficient and most comprehensive combination.

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