How does H2 Gas Inhalation Machine cure cancer Sep 23, 2021

Xu Kecheng: How does hydrogen cure cancer

What is the purpose of cancer treatment? "It means surviving, not an extra month or a few months, but a year, a few years, and more years. It means living well, living happily, happily, and with quality!" Xu Kecheng, a well-known tumor therapy expert According to the professor, at present, traditional cancer treatment methods, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, cannot achieve this goal for most patients. So what is the prospect of immunotherapy that has been hyped? Not sure yet.

In view of this, the famous oncologist, Academician Tang Zhaoyou, proposed the concept of "Chinese-style cancer control" that simultaneously "eliminates" and "reforms". How to "modify" cancer cells is the key. Xu Kecheng inherited from Tang Lao, and put this idea into clinical practice. After reading a lot of literature, I also investigated the results of Japanese research on "hydrogen and health", and found that PEM H2 Gas Inhalation Generator are good for health, prevent and treat many diseases and pathological conditions, and are also helpful for cancer prevention.

"Atmospheric environmental pollution, radiation, etc., these external factors will cause the human body to produce more active oxygen free radicals and cause nucleic acid mutations. This is the root cause of human aging and disease. Active oxygen free radicals in the body have certain functions, such as immunity. And the signal transduction process. But harmful and excessive reactive oxygen free radicals will have a destructive effect, leading to the damage of normal cells and tissues of the human body, leading to a variety of diseases, cancer is one of them." Xu Kecheng introduced.

Hydrogen is an ideal antioxidant. Its obvious feature is its strong penetrability, and it can easily enter any part of the cell, such as the nucleus and mitochondria, but it is difficult for many other antioxidant substances to reach these parts quickly.

The researchers found that the animals that had tumors in the armpits using H2 Theraphy Generator (6 hours a day) or inhaled nitrogen (N2), and observed the tumor formation every week. Finally, they found that the animals that inhaled hydrogen tumors grew slowly and grew. The resulting tumor was smaller, suggesting that hydrogen gas inhibited tumor growth.

The researchers further conducted cell culture experiments to compare the growth status of cancer cells under normal gas and hydrogen-containing gas conditions, and found that under hydrogen-containing conditions, cancer cell proliferation slowed down, movement slowed down, degeneration and apoptosis occurred.

Inverted microscope observation of cancer cell culture: Under normal gas conditions, cancer cells proliferate vigorously and move quickly, but under Molecular H2 Generator conditions, cancer cell proliferation is inhibited, cells enlarge and vacuole, indicating degeneration and apoptosis.

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