Hydrogen inhalation is a "happy treatment" for autistic children Jan 24, 2024

Recently, the Rehabilitation Center for Special Children of Jinan Hospital participated in a clinical research project conducted by the team of Professor Wei Youzhen of Shanghai Oriental Hospital on hydrogen inhalation intervention to improve symptoms of children with autism. Since the end of November 2021, the Special Children's Rehabilitation Center of Jinan Hospital has carried out hydrogen inhalation treatment from Large flow H2 Inhalation Machine for children with autism, and the rehabilitation effects have been remarkable.

"This project is great. My child has improved a lot. Thank you very much. In the past, my child took a long time to eat, dilly-dallyed, and made many small movements. After this month of treatment, the biggest change is that his concentration has improved. Thank you so much!" The grandmother of an autistic child receiving treatment told Professor Wei Youzhen and Li Aihua, deputy director of the hospital's rehabilitation center, about her child's changes. Children will be selected for enrollment at the end of November 2021, and hydrogen inhalation treatment from Adjustable Flow Hydrogen Inhalation Machine will be officially started at the beginning of December, five days a week, 1.5 hours a day. The children did not have any discomfort during the inhalation process, they have a high degree of cooperation, and their sleep, diet, sitting, etc. have improved significantly, and the curative effect is Being recognized by parents.

Professor Wei expressed his gratitude to the autistic children who have been undergoing rehabilitation treatment in Jinan Hospital for a long time. They receive hydrogen inhalation treatment from Most popular Chinese H2 Inhaler according to the plan every day. When Professor Wei visited and communicated with the hospital, the child's grandmother happily expressed her gratitude and hoped that more children like them could receive such treatment. It is understood that there may be more than 10 million people with autism in China, and about 1 in every 68 children has autism. They are "autistic" and "lonely", with difficulties in social communication, narrow interests and repetitive stereotypes. Professor Wei Youzhen, together with Professor Qiao Jing, Director of Pediatrics at Shanghai Dongfang Hospital and a well-known expert on childhood diseases, launched a scholar-led "Multi-center, non-randomized, open parallel controlled clinical study of hydrogen inhalation intervention to improve symptoms of autism in children" , this project was reviewed and approved by the Medical Ethics Committee of Shanghai Dongfang Hospital (Oriental Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University) (approval number: [2021] Research No. (046)), and was reviewed and approved by the China Clinical Trial Registration Center (registration number: ChiCTR2100048006).

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