7 aspects prove that hydrogen can prevent or treat diseases! Nov 23, 2021
One is that it can selectively remove toxic and harmful free radicals in the body.
Various harmful factors outside the body can cause a large number of excess free radicals in the body, many of which are toxic free radicals that are very harmful to the body (such as hydroxyl free radicals, etc.), which can cause a variety of diseases or make the disease worse.

Molecular H2 inhaler have the unique effect of selectively scavenging these harmful free radicals, reducing the lethality of toxic free radicals on the body, and at the same time not affecting the free radicals required by normal physiology.

The second is that it can enhance the body's antioxidant capacity.
With age, the body's antioxidant capacity will decrease; or due to various factors, the body's oxidation-antioxidant system will become unbalanced due to excessive active oxygen in the body. These conditions will cause the destruction of DAN and other biological macromolecules, accelerate the aging of the body, and cause a variety of diseases.
PEM H2 inhaler can significantly increase the activity of various antioxidant enzymes in the body (such as SOD, GSH, etc.), improve the body's ability to resist oxidative damage, help maintain the dynamic balance of the body's oxidation-antioxidant system, and reduce oxidative damage to cells such as reactive oxygen species. Maintain good health and prolong life.

The third is that it can play a role similar to a signal molecule.
In recent years, after gases such as nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide were discovered to act as signal molecules, the research on hydrogen molecules as signal molecules has become more and more popular, and there is a tendency for latecomers to take the lead. Because nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide have insurmountable side effects, they cannot be used for health care. The hydrogen molecule has no toxic side effects and has more development prospects.
Studies have shown that hydrogen molecules can play anti-inflammatory, promote cell repair, and enhance immunity by activating some important signaling pathways in cells.
For example, hydrogen molecules can activate a transcription factor Nrf2 that plays an important role in the body's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immune response, and anti-cancer aspects, or activate anti-oxidation through a pathway called forkhead transcription factor 1. System; For example, hydrogen molecules can also inhibit the Wnt/-catenin signaling pathway that is over-activated in certain inflammatory diseases and tumor cells, regulate cell division, and help this signaling system return to normal.

Fourth, it can protect cell membrane molecules.
Cell membranes have a variety of extremely important physiological functions. Biomolecules on the membranes, especially membrane phospholipids and lipoproteins, are easily destroyed by oxidative attack.
Hydrogen molecules can protect cell membrane phospholipids by directly resisting the self-oxidation of a fatty acid linoleic acid and a phospholipid palm cholelipid, thereby reducing the expression of intracellular calcium-related genes caused by this self-oxidation. Hydrogen molecules can also protect cardiomyocytes and cell membranes through a variety of ways, reduce damage from harmful external factors, and protect organ functions.

Fifth, it has excellent tissue diffusion capabilities that other drug molecules do not have.
Some organs in the human body are surrounded by dense tissues (such as eyeballs, testes, etc.), multiple barriers (such as blood-brain barrier, blood-fetal barrier, etc.) or parts with insufficient blood supply (such as inner ear). Therefore, many drugs or health care products are difficult to enter these tissues and organs because of their relatively large molecular weights, resulting in treatment failure or poor efficacy.
Hydrogen molecule does not have these shortcomings. It is the smallest molecular weight molecule in nature. It can easily pass through various barriers and quickly reach various tissues throughout the body. It is evenly distributed throughout the body. "There is nowhere to hide, the "enemy" has nowhere to hide. This is a unique advantage of hydrogen in preventing and curing diseases, and other health products or drug molecules cannot do this.

Sixth, hydrogen molecules can be flexibly combined with other prevention and control technologies.
Hydrogen molecules will not affect the use of other disease prevention and treatment methods. This advantage allows hydrogen molecules to be combined with a variety of prevention and treatment techniques.
For example, it can be combined with drug therapy and radiotherapy to improve the effect of killing tumor cells, while reducing the side effects caused by anticancer drugs and radiation, reducing pain and improving overall efficacy. It can also be used in combination with hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc., to coordinate disease prevention and treatment, and improve the prevention and treatment effect.
As a new daily health care method, Hydrogen inhaler can be used alone or in combination with other health care measures to complement each other.

Seventh, hydrogen molecular products are easy to use, safe and non-toxic.
As the saying goes, "medicine is three points of poison", and many health care products also have some side effects. Not for hydrogen molecules! It is not a medicine, it is a substance that has long existed in nature, and it is also a substance that exists in the body.
Since ancient times, there has been a small amount of endogenous hydrogen in the body, and divers have been using extremely high concentrations of hydrogen for a long time, and hydrogen molecules have not been found to have any toxic side effects on the human body. In recent years, the safety of hydrogen molecules used by the human body has been recognized at home and abroad. Many countries have approved the use of hydrogen as a food additive, and it can be used in unlimited quantities. Some countries even include hydrogen prevention of diseases in the scope of medical insurance licenses (such as Japan).

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