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Health Care

What is hydrogen water? Simply put, dissolving hydrogen in water is hydrogen water, which is the safest and most convenient way to use hydrogen.

There are several product forms of hydrogen water, including canned products, hydrogen water dispensers and hydrogen water cups. As long as the water quality is safe and the hydrogen is clean and hygienic, you can get high-quality hydrogen water and drink it with confidence.

Hydrogen water dispensers belong to the category of drinking water dispensers. Some manufacturers use nano-bubble technology to increase the amount of hydrogen dissolved in water and prepare high-concentration super-saturated hydrogen water.

The PEM Portable H2 Bottle is easy to carry, and it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes to prepare hydrogen water. It should be noted that because the hydrogen water cup uses the drinking water in the cup to electrolyze hydrogen, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the electrolysis technology. Although some poorly technical hydrogen water cups are cheap, the prepared hydrogen water contains harmful substances, which can be found in the experiment. Kills plant cells (hydrogen water prepared by a good hydrogen water cup can promote cell growth), so open your eyes to identify when choosing a hydrogen water cup.

In a word, if hydrogen is good, it does not mean that hydrogen products are good. When choosing hydrogen products, you must choose safe and high-quality products, and pay attention to whether it is safe and harmless to health.
The content of hydrogen water application promotion in the field of health care is the antioxidant effect of hydrogen. Hydrogen can resist oxidation. At the same time, because the relative molecular weight is very small, it can reach the inside of the cell to play a role, so it has a significant effect in the intervention and prevention of many diseases. Let's describe it in categories.
(1) For chronic diseases: hydrogen can lower blood lipids, lower uric acid, reduce the degree of fatty liver, alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, and interfere with Parkinson's disease.
(2) For the prevention field: Hydrogen can reduce the incidence of liver cancer and colon cancer, prevent lung cancer and lung nodules caused by smog, prevent osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and prevent various health problems caused by radiation.
(3) For sub-health: hydrogen can resist fatigue, anti-aging, relieve depression and other bad moods, improve sleep, and improve memory.
Hydrogen research has just gone through more than 10 years, and the research on the intervention effect of other diseases is still deepening, but the effect of hydrogen is certain. As a safe and convenient way of hydrogen absorption, hydrogen water can effectively adjust physical fitness, and has healing and intervention effects on various diseases. It is an ideal health care method.

Medical Treatment

As a small molecular gas, hydrogen is very safe to enter the human body through breathing exercises. Many years ago, diving experts used hydrogen for diving. When breathing hydrogen in deep underwater places, the pressure and concentration of hydrogen inhaled are all It is very high, much higher than when we are at one atmosphere on land, so breathing hydrogen on land is non-toxic and has no adverse effects on the body.

(1) As a gas application, one of the things that hydrogen needs to pay attention to is that it can burn, and there is a risk of explosion when mixed with oxygen in the air. The combustion concentration of hydrogen in the air ranges from 4% to 74%. This range is very large, so , The risk of hydrogen inhalation is greater than drinking hydrogen water.
The hydrogen concentration below 4% has no risk of combustion and explosion. Therefore, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare introduced 2% Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy Machine as one of the treatment methods for cardiac arrest into the clinical emergency process. And the 2% hydrogen inhalation equipment is defined as advanced medical equipment. Recently, Japanese scientists have also found that 2%~3% of hydrogen inhalation can treat human stroke and reduce the number of brain cell deaths. These evidences tell us that hydrogen inhalation can play a role in the field of first aid, and hydrogen inhalation can help save lives.
Hydrogen inhalation products with a hydrogen concentration higher than 4% are also developed by companies. Because of their risk, they are currently classified as three types of medical equipment by the state. During use, attention should be paid to prevent static electricity and sparks to prevent personal injury due to the combustion and explosion of hydrogen. Therefore, this type of equipment should be used under supervision as much as possible.
(2) Hydrogen inhalation Generator is an intervention method. In addition to its role in cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, emergency treatment, sepsis and other critical illnesses and systemic severe infections, we also focus on its effects on the nervous system. Intervention effects on degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple system atrophy, etc. There is basically no effective treatment for this type of disease. Hydrogen has a conditioning effect on these types of diseases. The promotion and application of the diseased population can reduce the burden for the country, society and family, and it is a very valuable thing.
Let's talk about the effect of hydrogen intervention in respiratory diseases. As an organ for gas inhalation, the cells of the respiratory tract and lung tissues are in direct contact with hydrogen. Hydrogen can relieve cough, sputum, etc., reduce respiratory inflammation caused by smog, prevent lung cancer, reduce the number and degree of asthma attacks, and improve emphysema The respiratory function of patients, for a large number of elderly people with respiratory problems, hydrogen inhalation is a very convenient and long-term rehabilitation method.
(3) For hydrogen inhalation, we hope that it will be paid more attention to in the medical field and play an important role in the first aid and treatment of many diseases. Through the efforts of various hydrogen industry operators, hydrogen inhalation as a medical behavior can exert tremendous energy in the treatment of many diseases. We look forward to it!

Medical Beauty
In 2011, Japanese scientists reported that hydrogen bathing can reduce skin wrinkles, and Korean scholars also reported that hydrogen bathing has the effect of anti-UV skin damage and freckle removal. These studies have attracted the attention of beauty practitioners. Japanese beauty practitioners tried to use it. Hydrogen water is used for skin care, and a lot of evidence has been obtained. Domestic beauty practitioners are gradually beginning to try to use hydrogen-related products to improve skin problems.
●The application of hydrogen in the skin field
Research on the application of hydrogen in the skin field has also been gradually carried out in recent years. The research team of Professor Luo Xiaoqun, a dermatologist at Huashan Hospital, reported the therapeutic effect of hydrogen water bath combined with oral hydrogen water on psoriasis (commonly known as psoriasis). There are no side effects and a highly effective treatment method. At the same time, there are reports on the therapeutic effects of hydrogen water on skin allergies, erythema, bedsores, etc. It should be said that hydrogen baths, as an auxiliary treatment for external skin diseases, have broad application prospects.
●The application of hydrogen in the field of beauty
The development of qi in the field of beauty is the fastest. In 2016, hydrogen water masks, hydrogen steam cabins, bath machines, etc. began to gradually appear and promote in the market, combining hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen water drinking to form a comprehensive and all-round hydrogen intervention system. Frankly speaking, the main hydrogen intervention methods in hydrogen medical research for more than 10 years are oral, intraperitoneal injection, and inhalation. There are very few literatures on hydrogen bathing and external application, and there are basically no literatures using multiple hydrogen delivery methods to study the effect of hydrogen. These hydrogen intervention systems based on the goals of health preservation, rehabilitation, and beauty will provide hydrogen researchers with many use effect cases, and will guide the clinical research direction and goals of hydrogen to a certain extent. In the initial stage of the development of the hydrogen industry, on the basis of ensuring the safety of use, the application of such hydrogen intervention systems in the population can be supported to provide a basis for the future application of hydrogen in the medical field. In both civil and medical fields, hydrogen is used There should be a place.

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