Anti-aging, hydrogen promotes health Nov 24, 2021

This is a review written by a scholar from the French Liquid Air Group. The review divides the biomedical effects of hydrogen into four parts, namely, health and anti-aging effects, general disease treatment effects, cancer-related effects, and other medical effects. This classification is not the most scientific and reasonable, but it can be regarded as a view of non-professional scholars on hydrogen medicine. The introduction of this article is of reference value for those non-medical professionals who are interested in understanding hydrogen medicine. Here is the first part, work on healthy aging.

1. Anti-aging
Free radicals and reactive oxygen species (active oxygen species) produced by aerobic metabolism play an important role in signal transduction, but they can also cause damage to biological systems. These free radicals and reactive oxygen species are known to play a role in many human diseases and participate in premature aging (Sun X, 2015). In order to find a simple way to delay or stop aging, based on effective antioxidant products, it has been carried out for centuries. More and more evidences show that Molecular Hydrogen Maker can be used as a gas or solution to remove and selectively inactivate active oxygen, which indicates that it can play a protective role. Bathing in water containing hydrogen molecules for 3 months every day (n=18) has been proven to reduce the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of the skin and increase the elasticity of human skin. Sun exposure and aging lead to a gradual increase in skin ORP, which indicates that the reduction in ORP may have anti-aging effects.

2. Promote health
Hydrogen is alkaline in water (really?). The hydrogen-rich alkaline water obtained by adding hydrogen to the electrolyzed water lowers the pH value, but it can be expected that the hydrogen itself is beneficial. This has an important impact on the health industry, leading to the development of a beverage or food supplement that can take advantage of this hydrogen-related alkalinity.

3. Sports performance and sports injuries
As we all know, exercise can induce tissues to produce free radicals. The increased oxidative stress associated with exercise may reduce the overall beneficial effects of exercise on health. An open label pilot study of 19 young healthy men showed that ingesting 2 L of Hydrogen-rich Water Bottle(dissolved hydrogen 1.1 mM) daily for 7 days will increase the blood pH after fasting and after exercise, reflecting the effects of exercise-related acidosis Reduced without side effects. Athletes who received 1 L of hydrogen water per day showed a significant reduction in exercise consumption rate, an increase in blood lactic acid levels, and a reduction in the increase in blood lactic acid levels in the exercise test, and the reduction of maximum torque after exercise was prevented, which is an indicator of muscle fatigue. To explore the role of hydrogen in the treatment of sports injuries. In a double-blind study, 12 professional athletes randomly received standard treatment (control) or oral hydrogen capsules (2 g/day) and topical hydrogen packs (6 times a day, continuous 20 minutes) combined therapy. The follow-up results 7 days later showed that the addition of hydrogen significantly reduced the plasma viscosity and the circumference of the affected limb. These results indicate that adding oral and local hydrogen molecules to the traditional first-line treatment is an effective way to treat muscle and tendon injuries.

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