The main effects of hydrogen on the six major system diseases of the human body Dec 06, 2021

With the development of hydrogen medicine, the biological effects of hydrogen molecules, such as powerful anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects, have gradually been discovered and paid attention to. As for how to use hydrogen molecules to serve health, it is common to drink hydrogen water, breathe hydrogen, take a hydrogen bath, and hydrogen foot bath.

Compared with other hydrogen intake methods, breathing hydrogen has a higher dose intake. A large number of research results show that Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Generator has a good preventive effect on many diseases. Let's follow Xiao Hydrogen to learn more about it.

1. Cardiovascular Disease

H2 Gas Therapy Machine has significant effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, including:
Reduce the mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents;
Reduce the infarct area, cell damage degree and related damage of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
Conducive to the later recovery of the disease and the improvement of the prognosis;
Prevent further aggravation of injury.
2. Inflammation, infection

Inhalation of hydrogen can exert the powerful effect of anti-inflammatory, fight inflammation and infection, including:
Improve survival rate after inflammation;
Reduce inflammation damage to the heart, liver, kidney, lungs and other important organs;
Reduce the damage caused by inflammatory factors and peroxides in the body;
Reduce the degree of inflammation in the body during severe infections.
3. Tumor adjuvant therapy

Hydrogen has a certain effect on tumor treatment through its anti-free radicals and anti-inflammatory:
Slow down the development and metastasis of tumors;
As an adjuvant therapy for tumors, it can reduce toxicity and increase efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy;
Reduce the damage to the organs during the tumor.

4.Respiratory diseases

Inhalation of hydrogen has a good preventive effect on acute and chronic respiratory tract injury:
It has the effect of controlling symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pneumonia, reducing disease progression and frequency;
It has good lung protection for severe acute lung injury, such as injury caused by sepsis;
It has a certain preventive effect on the complications caused by lung diseases.
5.Nervous system disease

Hydrogen has the characteristics of small molecular, which can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier to reach the brain, thus exerting a protective effect on the brain:
It has a protective effect on brain damage caused by cerebral hemorrhage;
It has a neuroprotective effect on fetal maternal hypoxia and reduces nerve function damage;
Reduce nerve apoptosis and brain function damage caused by surgical anesthesia (sevoflurane);
It has the effect of improving the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and protecting brain function for brain damage caused by surgery and trauma.

6. Critically ill

The inhalation of hydrogen can be used as a treatment measure for critical illnesses (Japan has passed the certification of advanced medical B as a rescue measure for cardiac arrest), and other aspects are as follows:
It can improve the survival rate of cardiac arrest, and the effect is comparable to hypothermic therapy;
Reduce damage to other organs in emergencies such as cardiac arrest, such as brain, heart, etc.;
It can be used for the treatment of certain acute poisonings, such as: paraquat poisoning.

The role of hydrogen: first, for various life-threatening serious diseases, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and cardiac arrest, inhaling hydrogen during the rescue process can alleviate the severity, or it can save lives; the second is for each A variety of intractable diseases, such as tumors, rheumatoid, Alzheimer's, etc., hydrogen absorption can improve.

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