Four precautions for inhaling hydrogen Mar 16, 2023

At present, there is a large amount of research evidence indicated that hydrogen into the human body will have many positive effects.

However, for most people who use Hydrogen Inhalation for home, there may be some questions about hydrogen absorption when using it, such as: When is it better to breath hydrogen? Is there a limit to the hydrogen absorption time and so on.For these problems, Professor Zhimin Kang , who has been engaged in the research of hydrogen molecular medicine for a long time, introduced the relevant content about hydrogen absorption. Today, we will make a summary and list for you.

1. The absorption of hydrogen is not achieved in one time.
When using a Hydrogen Inhaler for home at the first time, it is recommended to start with 15 minutes and increase slowly, doubling the dose every 2-3 days (young people can increase quickly, while older people should try to slow down). If severe discomfort or chest tightness or dizziness occurs during the increase, the original dose and concentration should be restored as soon as possible and adapted for a period of time.
Here's a hint: Hydrogen is not a medicine. You can't ask hydrogen to have an immediate effect like a drug. Those eager to see results in a short period of time are bound to be disappointed.

2. About the concentration of hydrogen absorption.
We know that the hydrogen flow of most PEM Hydrogen Inhalation for home on the market is about 300ml/min. For people who suffer from various diseases and are very weak, we recommend that the flow could be controlled below 200ml when starting hydrogen inhalation and within 15 minutes (initial the recommended flow rate is 300ml for 30 minutes and many people were found to still have severe reactions). Measure blood pressure before and after hydrogen inhalation. If the blood pressure rises after hydrogen inhalation, or discomfort occurs during the process, or discomfort occurs within 2 hours, do not inhale hydrogen for the time being. It is best to drink hydrogen water for a period of time for conditioning.If you do not have any diseases or physical discomfort, you can directly control the flow at 300ml for 15 minutes or a higher flow with longer time.
3. About the time of hydrogen absorption.
The longer the hydrogen absorption time, the better. This is our preliminary conclusion based on the current experimental research results, but this suggestion is applicable to various difficult diseases and critically ill patients. Is it useful to absorb less? Yes, for health care and some chronic disease conditioning, 1-2 hours of hydrogen absorption per day can play a protective role in the body. Hydrogen inhalation is a long-term approach. First of all,it cannot be breathed for a long time at first.
The most important is! Not everyone needs to breath hydrogen for a long time, especially the elderly with arteriosclerosis. The vascular regulation cycle is very long. If it is not for some life-saving diseases (just need, such as tumors and immune diseases), it is generally recommended to spend 1-2 hours a day during the first year of hydrogen inhalation!
As for which time period is better to breath hydrogen? Because hydrogen inhalation takes a certain amount of time, you can set a time to inhale while sleeping, which will not affect your life and work. Of course, you can breath hydrogen while watching TV, reading, studying and sitting for long periods of time.

4. There are differences in hydrogen absorption.
There may be a phenomenon all around us. Some people bought a hydrogen inhaler and their health improved dramatically, while others bought it and used it for a while without any change. At this point, they will doubt the role of hydrogen. However, we need to understand the individual differences in hydrogen, on the one hand because everyone's constitution is different, and on the other hand because the time of action is different. Just like using a hydrogen bath, some people feel very comfortable physically and mentally in an instant, while some people don't feel it, but as long as you stick to it, you can feel the effect.

We hope this content can help you absorb hydrogen. As a relatively simple and effective way of health, you can use hydrogen to protect our body!

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