Advantage effects of inhale hydrogen every day? Oct 31, 2023

The safety of hydrogen is very high, which is also the basis for the important value of hydrogen medicine, because it can bring many possible health benefits without causing high costs to users.

As hydrogen medicine becomes more and more understood, more and more people start to inhale hydrogen. How long should it be inhaled every day? When is the best time to smoke? Are there any disadvantages or side effects of inhaling hydrogen for a long time?

This may be a problem. Let’s briefly introduce it:

1. How long is the best time to using Hydrogen Inhalation Machine every day?
Japanese scientists have studied the changes in hydrogen concentration in the body after inhaling hydrogen. The results show that the rate at which each tissue reaches saturation after hydrogen inhalation is different. Therefore, long-term hydrogen inhalation can increase the hydrogen concentration in tissues and organs more than short-term hydrogen inhalation. , thereby playing a greater role. But what everyone needs to know is that not everyone needs to inhale hydrogen for a long time.
For daily health care and some chronic disease treatment, hydrogen inhalation for 1 to 2 hours a day can protect the body; if it is for various difficult and severe diseases, long-term hydrogen inhalation is required, at least 4 hours a day. ~6 hours. Here I would like to remind everyone: when using a hydrogen inhalation machine for the first time, it is recommended to slowly increase it from 15 minutes. If there is no discomfort, then gradually increase the daily hydrogen inhalation time.

2. When is the best time to absorb hydrogen?
After a normal user of healthy people inhales hydrogen for one hour, the hydrogen content in the body will be saturated. Generally speaking, the hydrogen content in the human body will be used up within 4 hours. Intermittent Hydrogen Generator for Inhaling can ensure that users use hydrogen to a large extent to achieve the effects they need.
Since inhaling hydrogen requires a certain amount of time and space, and the safety of hydrogen is extremely high, research has found that inhaling hydrogen for 2 hours at a time is more effective than inhaling hydrogen for 1 hour each time. Just allocate the time reasonably. A single hydrogen inhalation should not be less than 1 hour. A small amount and multiple inhalations are more effective.
3. Will there be any side effects from continuous hydrogen inhalation for a long time?
When diving underwater, divers can continuously breathe high-pressure and high-concentration hydrogen for 14 days. Hydrogen has been used as a diving gas for more than 80 years. No side effects have been found so far, so there is no problem with inhaling hydrogen continuously for a long time.
4. Can hydrogen inhalation improve memory?
Yes, according to research reports, hydrogen can improve memory, prevent brain aging, and is of great help in improving the learning ability of teenagers.
5. Will inhaling hydrogen help people with insomnia?
Very helpful. The editor once gave a friend a hydrogen-rich water bottle. Unexpectedly, he reported that his sleep was much better in just a few days. I used to be sleepy at 11 or 12pm, but now I am very sleepy at 90pm. I lie down. I fell asleep quickly and felt very energetic the next day. Hydrogen inhalation can calm the nervous system, relieve stress, and resist depressive tendencies. Hydrogen inhalation can help you enter a better sleep state. The amount of hydrogen inhaled by hydrogen inhalation is higher than that of a hydrogen-rich water cup. Theoretically, the effect is faster and better.
6. Is it unsafe to absorb hydrogen? I heard that hydrogen can explode?
Many people are uneasy about inhaling hydrogen and worry that hydrogen will explode. In fact, the combustion and explosion range of hydrogen is 4-74%. There is no risk below or above this range. Japanese scholars recommend that the concentration of hydrogen inhaled is about 2%. This concentration Even if there are sparks or static electricity, there will be no problem, so you can use it with confidence.
7. Can cerebral ischemia be treated with hydrogen inhalation?
OK. In 2007, Japanese scholar Professor Ohta published an article in the internationally authoritative magazine "Natural Medicine", confirming that inhaling hydrogen at a concentration of 2% can significantly reduce the size of cerebral infarction.
In 2017, Professor Ohta participated in the publication of a clinical article on hydrogen treatment of cerebral ischemia, realizing the successful transformation of hydrogen brain injury protection research from animals to human experiments.
8. Can you inhale hydrogen after a stroke?
Yes, hydrogen can not only save lives in the acute stage of stroke, but inhaling hydrogen can also promote the recovery of body functions after the condition stabilizes. The biggest risk of stroke is a second stroke. Hydrogen inhalation can improve the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. Prevent another stroke.
9. Can hydrogen inhalation assist in the treatment of myocardial infarction?
Yes, 2% concentration hydrogen inhalation can help patients with myocardial infarction improve cardiac function and reduce cardiac malformation problems in the later stages of rescue and stabilization.

10. Can inhaling hydrogen prevent damage caused by smog?
Yes, hydrogen inhalation can reduce the inflammatory response during haze exposure, protect respiratory function, and reduce the chance of lung cancer caused by haze stimulation.
11. Can hydrogen inhalation assist in the treatment of emphysema?
Yes, H2 machine for home can prevent the occurrence of chronic obstructive emphysema caused by smoking and improve the patient's respiratory function.
12. Can hydrogen inhalation assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease?
Yes, some current experience cases have relatively good results. Through the combination of inhaling hydrogen + drinking hydrogen water: a patient with severe Alzheimer's disease who persisted for one year can talk to people freely (originally he did not know his children); a patient who persisted for four months The patient can clearly remember who gave him the lucky money yesterday (Alzheimer's disease has no short-term memory).
Alzheimer's disease is a brain aging disease. The early manifestations are gradually worsening amnesia and frequent memory impairment. Once Alzheimer's disease is discovered, it is in the middle and late stages. The disease develops rapidly and cannot take care of oneself. In the later stage, people need 24-hour care. , causing a huge burden to society and families.
Hydrogen inhalation can not only prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease, but also curb the deterioration of Alzheimer's disease. Long-term inhalation may also reverse the severity of Alzheimer's disease and improve the quality of life of Alzheimer's patients. Reduce the burden on families and society.
13. Can inhaling hydrogen replace drinking hydrogen water?
No, although hydrogen inhalation is higher in concentration than drinking hydrogen water, drinking hydrogen water can regulate intestinal flora and play a protective role against many diseases, which cannot be replaced by hydrogen inhalation.
14. Is hydrogen inhalation effective in treating tumors?
Hydrogen inhalation can reduce the side effects of tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Recent animal experimental studies have found that long-term hydrogen inhalation can inhibit the proliferation and metastasis of tumor cells. We try to give cancer patients hydrogen inhalation combined with drinking hydrogen water, with the goal of prolonging their survival and improving their quality of life. It cannot be said that hydrogen gas has a therapeutic effect on tumors, but hydrogen gas should be an effective auxiliary method in the process of tumor treatment, reducing the pain caused by cancer and prolonging life as much as possible.
The book "Hydrogen Cancer Control - Theory and Practice" published by Professor Xu Kecheng of Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province collects more than 80 cases of hydrogen inhalation of cancer and tumor patients, which has effectively prolonged life and improved quality of life.

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