The application prospects of hydrogen in anti-cancer and cancer control Dec 06, 2023
It is understood that Professor Xu Kecheng began to pay attention to the role of hydrogen medicine in the field of cancer treatment a year ago. After interviewing many patients who used 3000ml Hydrogen Inhalation Machine to control their cancer conditions, it was found that the vast majority of patients' conditions improved, and some even experienced miraculous effects. Through experiments, he found that it is difficult to create tumor animal models in a hydrogen environment.

"Under normal circumstances, when cancer cells are injected into animals, the animals can quickly be diagnosed with cancer. But in a hydrogen environment, similar diagnosis becomes difficult, and the effectiveness of hydrogen in inhibiting tumor growth can be reversely verified." Through laboratory observation , Xu Kecheng found that in a hydrogen environment, cancer cell movement slowed down, division decreased, apoptosis increased, and a considerable number of cancer cells formed vacuolization. The formation of these cases and laboratory data convinced him to conduct in-depth research on using hydrogen gas to control and fight cancer.

The important point is that multiple cases have also found that Hydrogen generator machine can slow down the pain of cancer patients, which is very critical for improving the quality of life of patients. The main reason why hydrogen can produce such an effect is that it can alleviate the inflammatory response, and the core basis of pain is the inflammatory response. Of course this is not the cause of all pain, so it may not have the same effect on everyone.
"At present, hydrogen has broad application prospects in anti-cancer and cancer control." Xu Kecheng said that vigorously promoting hydrogen medicine will be an important measure to affect the health of the population and improve the overall quality of life of the population.
Hydrogen will play an important role in the "retrofit"
"Free radicals are a key factor in the occurrence of cancer itself. Free radicals act on normal cells, causing DNA damage in the nucleus and turning them into mutant cells. If free radicals are not removed in time and continue to act on mutant cells, the latter can Turn into cancer cells. Therefore, eliminating excess free radicals in the body can not only correct various dysfunctions, but also prevent the formation and recurrence of cancer cells, which has etiological treatment value."
Xu Kecheng gave an example. For example, it can be used as an auxiliary treatment before and after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to improve the efficacy and reduce side effects; PEM Hydrogen Inhalation Machine can be introduced into the rehabilitation process after effective cancer treatment to prevent recurrence and metastasis. In addition, hydrogen inhalation therapy may be effective for some cases of failure or resistance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
"Given that hydrogen therapy is a multi-target gas, in the overall treatment project of cancer treatment, the anti-cancer and cancer control functions of hydrogen will continue to appear." Xu Kecheng said frankly that regarding the use of hydrogen to control and fight cancer, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering , Tang Zhaoyou, the dean of oncology surgery, showed strong interest.
As the originator of the concept of "Chinese-style cancer control", Academician Tang Zhaoyou commented on more than 50 "investigation reports" written by Xu Kecheng after his visit. Hydrogen inhalation is not a large-scale tumor-killing therapy, but it is an effective tumor-killing therapy. Basically, it is possible to achieve the effect of "accumulating small victories into big victories" similar to guerrilla warfare. He agreed that "hydrogen therapy may have its role before, during and after treatment, and can be used as neoadjuvant treatment, comprehensive treatment and adjuvant treatment."

Xu Kecheng believes that the main strategy of Chinese-style cancer control is to "eliminate" and "transform" simultaneously, "coexisting with cancer" and allowing patients to survive in the long term. “Transformation” includes modifying cancer cells, modifying the microenvironment, and modifying the macroenvironment (the entire body). Hydrogen will play an important role in the "retrofit".
"Currently, more and more medical institutions are engaged in hydrogen medicine-related research, and the number of companies engaged in the production of hydrogen medicine-related products is also increasing. Hydrogen medicine products range from hydrogen inhalation, hydrogen water cups, to hydrogen cabin models. Hydrogen medicine is It is a good thing to pay attention to it, but the research on hydrogen medicine is still in depth, and many hydrogen medicine projects that are carried out blindly and quickly are not advisable."
Xu Kecheng believes that although the "naturalness" of hydrogen reminds people of its safety, after all, hydrogen is a flammable and explosive gas. If the concentration is not controlled well, hydrogen can easily catch fire and explode. The development of hydrogen medicine relies on the joint participation of experts and scholars, research institutions, universities and related enterprises, and it is necessary to convey the correct concept of hydrogen use to the public.

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