Application of hydro-oxygen inhalation to improve sleep disordered breathing Apr 10, 2024

On 16th,March,2024, the China Sleep Research Association released China's annual theme for World Sleep Day in Beijing - "Healthy Sleep, Shared by Everyone", and the "2024 Chinese Residents' Sleep Health White Paper" was also released simultaneously.This survey report shows that residents fall asleep after midnight on average, and their sleep duration at night is generally short. 28% of people sleep no more than 6 hours at night, and 64% of people have poor sleep quality (<80 points), of which 22% have poor sleep quality (<70 points). In addition, the report also mentioned that among the surveyed people, the problem of insomnia is not optimistic, 59% have insomnia symptoms, and only 19% have no sleep disorders at all. This unhealthy routine will not only affect our mental state the next day, but also seriously damage our body immunity.

Research on the improvement of sleep breathing disorder by Hydro-oxygen Inhalation Machine 3000ml for Sale

Tai'an Central Hospital's "Application of Hydro-oxygen Inhalation Machine 3000ml from China to Improve Sleep Disorders" won the outstanding project of the innovation group in the finals of the 2023 China Shandong Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Recently, the "Application of H2O2 Inhalation Generator for human to Improve Sleep Disorders" project entered by Cui Chao's team from the Hydrogen Medicine Research Center of Tai'an Central Hospital was reviewed by experts and won the Outstanding Project of the Innovation Group in the finals of the 2023 China Shandong Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
The "Application of Hydrogen and Oxygen Inhalation to Improve Sleep Disorders" project will start in September 2022. The new technology of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation diagnosis and treatment will greatly promote the health of the whole people. At the same time, it will also greatly reduce medical insurance expenses and has significant significance. social and economic benefits. Through promotion and training, medical staff in rehabilitation departments, pain departments, general medicine departments and other medical institutions at all levels can master the application of this technology, which provides convenience and possibility for the majority of patients with sleep apnea disorders to improve their sleep quality and greatly improves their sleep quality. The quality of life of patients with respiratory disorders has significant social benefits. At the same time, through the accumulation and research of case data, it will lay a scientific research foundation for in-depth research on hydrogen medicine, promote the discipline development of municipal and county-level medical and health institutions, and solve the current technical problems of sleep breathing disorder treatment in rural grassroots and urban community health service institutions. The new technology of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation diagnosis and treatment has been included in the medical insurance coverage of Shandong Province, which can greatly reduce patients’ medical expenses and medical insurance expenditures, and has significant economic benefits.
For people with sleep disorders, excessive stress and overuse of the brain lead to brain hypoxia. Inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen can balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve disorders, relieve and relax nerves, and improve sleep quality. The study found that inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen (3L/min, hydrogen 66.6%, oxygen 33.3%) for more than 3 hours a day for 2 weeks significantly improved insomnia (P<0.05).
The new technology of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation diagnosis and treatment has opened up a new way to improve sleep disordered breathing. Research has confirmed that hydrogen and oxygen inhalation can help improve the antioxidant function of sleep, play a certain role in promoting sleep, significantly weaken sympathetic nerve activity during sleep, and reduce the total PSQI score. Hydrogen and oxygen inhalation is a gentle way to improve sleep. It can not only help insomniacs fall asleep, but can even improve the sleep quality of insomniacs and put them in a state of deep sleep. When sleep disorders occur, it is recommended to try hydrogen and oxygen inhalation intervention to improve sleep quality. Currently, this project has been promoted and applied in many medical institutions such as Tai'an Central Hospital.

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