Hydrogen molecules act on the blood-brain barrier Mar 14, 2024

For a long time, in addition to "selective antioxidant" and "high safety", the most commonly described biological effects of hydrogen molecules from Pure Water System Hydrogen inhaler are "strong penetrability". That is, after entering the body, you can freely go anywhere.

1.Strong penetrability is destined to be better than other antioxidant substances

Hydrogen from Pure Water System Hydrogen Ventilator diffuses very quickly in the body because it can easily pass through lipid cell membranes. Its advantage is that it can be quickly delivered to the diseased site. What's more, hydrogen easily enters the mitochondria through the mitochondrial membrane, which is the main site for the production of reactive oxygen species. Therefore, hydrogen can immediately and effectively remove •OH from the location of the production source. In the same way, hydrogen can enter the cell nucleus and protect the genetic material in the nucleus from •OH attack. Many existing antioxidants have limitations in intervening in disease, possibly because they cannot cross cell membranes as easily as hydrogen.

Because hydrogen from Portable Pure Water System Hydrogen Ventilator can easily cross cell membranes, it can also easily cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and quickly enter brain tissue. The blood vessels in the brain tissue are surrounded by special devices, and the substances in the blood vessels cannot easily enter the brain tissue. This is to protect the brain. However, when a brain disease occurs and you want to treat it with drugs, it is difficult for drugs to pass through the blood-brain barrier, which makes it difficult to treat brain damage. Fortunately, hydrogen can easily reach brain tissue without being interrupted by the blood-brain barrier.

2.The strong diffusion ability also makes hydrogen more convenient to use.

We know that when a substance enters a cell to play a role, it will be greatly affected by the diffusion ability of the substance itself. For example, our common antioxidants: vitamins and anthocyanins also have antioxidant effects, but because of their relatively large molecular weight, even if they are transported to the brain capillaries, they cannot enter the brain cells from the blood, so they cannot work well. The molecular weight of hydrogen is small, and the blood-brain barrier cannot affect the strong diffusion ability of hydrogen. Therefore, hydrogen can better exert its antioxidant and neutralizing effects on malignant free radicals.

3.Nanohydrogen probe, the first direct observation of hydrogen molecules rapidly crossing the blood-brain barrier
This study used the developed hydrogen molecule bioprobe to directly observe for the first time the phenomenon of inhaled hydrogen molecules rapidly crossing the blood-brain barrier, providing direct evidence for the long-term conjecture that hydrogen molecules cross biological barriers, and also well explains why clinical Inhaling hydrogen can effectively intervene in neurodegenerative diseases.

The collaborative team of Professor He Qianjun and Professor Yu Zhiqiang used the hydrogen molecule bioprobe developed to directly observe for the first time the rapid transport of hydrogen molecules in hydrogen-rich water from plant roots to leaves, confirming that hydrogen molecules can easily cross biological organisms in plants. Barriers are rapidly transported within the plant. In addition, interrupting the supply of hydrogen (hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen-rich water irrigation) will lead to the disappearance of distal hydrogen molecules in animals and plants, which fully demonstrates the rapid dispersion characteristics of hydrogen molecules in the body and also suggests the importance of continuous hydrogen supply in hydrogen medicine and hydrogen agriculture. importance.

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