How to choose your Hydrogen Breathing Inhalation Sep 22, 2023

Things to be atttentioned when purchasing a Hydrogen Breathing Inhalation. You will no longer be confused after reading this article.

What is hydrogen flow and what does hydrogen flow represent?
The hydrogen flow is the amount of hydrogen produced per minute. The hydrogen flow of 600ml means hydrogen is produced by Hydrogen Water Inhalation Machine per minute. The mineral water bottles we usually drink are generally 555 ml. The hydrogen flow produced by a 600ml Hydrogen Water Inhalation Machine in one minute is almost a little more than one mineral water bottle.

1. How to choose hydrogen flow?

The flow rates of hydrogen flow currently on the market range from 150ml to 3000ml. Generally speaking, the higher the flow, the better the effect, but this is not absolute. I started using it from 300ml flow.
Judging from the feedback from hundreds of users of Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Machine, the effect of hydrogen inhalation varies from person to person. Some have good effects with large flow, while others have good effects with small flow. The advantage of large flow is that the body can quickly reach hydrogen saturation. For small flow rates, it is necessary to increase the hydrogen inhalation time to gradually reach the body's hydrogen saturation.

2. How to choose your Hydrogen Inhaler Breathing Machine?

1. In terms of materials: There are generally three types of materials for the shell of a hydrogen machine: plastic, iron sheet, and aluminum alloy. Plastic has the worst heat dissipation, by iron sheet, and aluminum alloy is the best. If you want to buy a machine that is durable and has good heat dissipation, It is best to choose aluminum alloy material;

2. From the perspective of brands: Hydrogen medicine has only been developed for more than 10 years. The time is too short. There are no so-called top ten brands. Generally, it takes 20 to 30 years or more for an industry to form a leading brand in the industry. Obviously, hydrogen products This industry is too short-lived. Most of the so-called top ten brands on the Internet are soft marketing articles that ask and answer questions without any authority;

3. Communication and after-sales are both important

Many people pay great attention to price and do not pay attention to communication. They make purchase decisions just by typing and chatting. Of course, merchants like such customers, but doing so is very irresponsible to themselves. When after-sales service is needed, many problems are discovered. Chatting on the software Either they don’t reply for a long time, or they reply by machine. Even if you try to call them to inquire, there is no reply. Some of them are simply impossible to find.

Therefore, communication before purchase is very important, and telephone communication is indispensable. If the other party is not even willing to call you, do you still dare to buy?

In short, when choosing a hydrogen machine, flow, material, channel, and after-sales are all important. On the contrary, the brand is the least important, because there is no situation like GREE and Midea when mentioning air conditioners. Consumers should consider the material, product design and Choose after-sales service.

We have served nearly a thousand users of Hydrogen Breathing Inhalation. If you encounter problems with your machine and cannot find after-sales service, you can also contact us and we may be able to help you.

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