Hydrogen can also cure diseases May 29, 2024

Can hydrogen from H2 Inhaler application System also cure diseases? Guangdong Science and Technology News Health and Wellness Weekly published an article

Hydrogen is the gas with the lowest density in the world. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has a certain degree of reducing properties. Professor Xu Kecheng, honorary dean of the Fuda Cancer Hospital affiliated to Jinan University, has been engaged in the exploration and research of hydrogen cancer control for a long time. He has been dynamically observing and following up the subtle changes of each patient. So far, he has collected more than 60 verified and effective patient data.

▲ "Guangdong Science and Technology News Health and Wellness Weekly"

Xu Kecheng introduced that hydrogen from Hydrogen Inhalation System by Water Electrolysis is a gas molecule composed of two hydrogen atoms, with relatively stable chemical properties and the smallest molecular weight. At present, the mainstream view on the pathological and physiological mechanism of hydrogen treatment of diseases is still the selective antioxidant effect of hydrogen.

Why can hydrogen cure diseases?
During the metabolism of the body, a proper amount of free radicals are produced. These are endogenous free radicals that participate in the life activities of information transmission and are indispensable active signal factors of the body. The body has an antioxidant system that automatically removes free radicals and can remove excess free radicals in a timely manner. In addition, the more obvious feature of hydrogen is its strong penetrability. It can easily enter cells, such as any part of the cell nucleus and mitochondria, while many other antioxidant substances cannot quickly reach these parts and cannot achieve ideal antioxidant effects.
Hydrogen from Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy for sale has broad application prospects in cancer prevention and control

It is understood that Professor Xu Kecheng began to pay attention to the role of hydrogen medicine in cancer treatment a year ago. He visited many patients who controlled their cancer by inhaling hydrogen and found that the condition of most patients improved, and some even showed miraculous effects. He found through experiments that it is difficult to make tumor animal models in a hydrogen environment.

"Under normal conditions, when cancer cells are injected into animals, the animals can be quickly diagnosed with cancer. But in a hydrogen environment, similar diagnoses become difficult, which reversely verifies the effectiveness of hydrogen in inhibiting tumor formation." Through laboratory observations, Xu Kecheng found that in a hydrogen environment, cancer cell movement slowed down, division decreased, apoptosis increased, and quite a few cancer cells formed cavitation. The formation of these cases and laboratory data made him determined to conduct in-depth research on cancer control and anti-cancer with hydrogen.

The important point is that through multiple cases, it has been found that hydrogen inhalation can slow down the pain of cancer patients, which is very important for improving the quality of life of patients. The main reason for this effect is that hydrogen can relieve inflammatory response, and the core basis of pain is inflammatory response. Of course, this is not the cause of all pain, so it may not be the same for everyone.

"At present, the application prospects of hydrogen in anti-cancer and cancer control are broad." Xu Kecheng said that vigorously promoting hydrogen medicine will be an important measure to affect the health of the population and improve the overall quality of life of the population.

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