Hydrogen therapy machine may prolong progression-free survival Oct 20, 2021

Among malignant tumors, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer rank first. But don't give up if you have lung cancer. Hydrogen therapy may prolong the progression-free survival of lung cancer patients!

Intervention of tumor patients through HHO Generator
Hydrogen has been proven to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and the occurrence and progression of cancer are closely related to peroxidation and inflammation. Hydrogen may have a controlling effect on cancer.
Inhalation of hydrogen is to take in hydrogen gas into the blood of the body through the gas exchange of the respiratory system. During the process of inhaling hydrogen, first the lungs are filled with a certain concentration of hydrogen, which will directly affect the cells of the lungs. Repair damaged cells and reduce inflammation in lung tissue.

The role of PEM Helath Care Browns Gas Generator is mainly in 4 aspects
Prof. Xu Kecheng’s team published in "Medical Gas Research", "Hydrogen Control Cancer" Real-World Observation: Follow-up Report of 82 Advanced Cancer Patients, which observed and analyzed 82 patients with stage III and IV advanced cancer who had self-inhaled hydrogen.

1. Improve the quality of life
After 2 weeks of hydrogen inhalation, shortness of breath and appetite improved, fatigue, insomnia, etc. were significantly improved; 4 weeks of hydrogen inhalation, pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc. were all significantly improved.
2. Improve physical fitness
After 3 months of hydrogen inhalation, lung cancer patients improved their physical fitness the most, and patients with gynecology and pancreatic cancer had the worst effects.
3. Reduce tumor markers
After 3 months of hydrogen inhalation, the markers of lung cancer patients decreased most significantly, and the effects of patients with gynecological, liver, and pancreatic cancer were the worst.
4. Control cancer progression
After 3 months of hydrogen inhalation, the tumor control rate of stage I patients was much higher than that of stage IV, with lung cancer having the best effect and pancreatic cancer the worst.
Clinical studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can cooperate with chemotherapy and targeted therapy to reduce the adverse reactions of patients and improve the quality of life of patients with lung cancer.

The results of a clinical research paper published in "Medical Gas Research" in June 2020 show that HHO Gas Machine can be used to control the cancer progression of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer and reduce the adverse events of a variety of standard treatments.

Animal experimental studies have also found that hydrogen inhalation can inhibit the increase and increase of lung cancer metastases, and inhibit metastases, which also means that it can extend the life of patients as much as possible.
Therefore, even if it is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, we should not give up the treatment easily. If our physical conditions permit, we can try to inhale hydrogen for synergistic treatment.

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