Hydrogen Water Bottle can reduce radiation damage to the human body Sep 07, 2023

Research has found that hydrogen-rich water has a protective effect on radioactive damage and can reduce radiation damage to the human body.

Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle resistance to ionizing radiation damage related research:
The Institute of Radiological Medicine and Environmental Medicine of the China Radiation Institute has made important progress in the research of hydrogen-rich water against ionizing radiation damage. For the first time, it was found that the combined application of hydrogen-rich water and amifostine can exert a better anti-radiation effect than the two alone. The research results will provide new basis for radiation damage protection for nuclear-related workers and clinical radiotherapy patients in my country.

Figure 1: Water ionized to produce hydrogen molecules

The Radiation Toxicology Research Group of the Institute of Radiation Medicine and Environmental Medicine, China Radiation Institute, combined with international research frontiers, took advantage of the advantages of strong hydrogen selectivity, non-toxicity, no residue, convenient preparation, low price, and no toxic side effects, etc., to systematically develop hydrogen-rich water. For the research on the protective effect of radiation damage, mice, rats, Beagle dogs and other experimental animals were successively used, and the 30-day survival, body weight, hematology, serum biochemical indicators, antioxidant indicators, cell apoptosis rate, 8-hydroxydeoxygenation The detection of indicators such as guanosine, testosterone and behavior, studied the survival of animals after irradiation by hydrogen-rich water (aqueous solution rich in hydrogen, which can generate hydrogen gas through the ionization of water, and dissolve hydrogen gas in water to prepare hydrogen-rich water) Time and the radiation damage protection effect of the blood system, reproductive system, nervous system, etc., have confirmed that Hydrogen-rich Water Bottle has an obvious anti-radiation damage effect.

Figure 2: Hydrogen-rich water improves cognitive dysfunction in rats induced by ionizing radiation
At present, based on the previous experimental results, combined with genomics and metabolomics research methods, the research group has carried out further research on the mechanism of hydrogen-rich water's resistance to ionizing radiation damage. The research results show that hydrogen-rich water can improve the cognitive function damage caused by ionizing radiation, and its mechanism mainly involves anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation, as well as regulating the BDNF-TrkB signaling pathway to exert a protective effect on neurons; it may also affect PI3K/AKT / Caspase-9 pathway, etc. reduce cell death, thereby achieving radiation protection effects. In the next step, the research team will continue to explore the radiation protection effect and mechanism of hydrogen-rich water in depth, so as to provide safe and effective protection methods for the health of nuclear industry workers.

From the research group of Professor Fan Saijun from the Institute of Radiological Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the paper was published on Experimental & Molecular Medicine, and the research proves that drinking hydrogen-rich water can resist organ damage caused by radiation, and has a certain repairing effect.
The experimental comparison in the figure shows that the experimental data of animals drinking hydrogen-rich water and not drinking hydrogen-rich water:
The results of the study show that hydrogen water has a certain repairing effect on intestinal damage caused by radiation therapy for abdominal and pelvic cancer
Since there is no ideal treatment drug for radiation injury at present, radiation gastrointestinal injury is a very important medical problem, and effective treatment methods are also being studied in depth. More and more evidence shows. Hydrogen-rich water is a simple, safe and effective method for radiation protection, and a large number of studies have reported that hydrogen-rich water has effects.
Hydrogen Water Cup has anti-radiation damage effect

The core theory of hydrogen medicine is that hydrogen is a selective antioxidant substance that can selectively neutralize highly toxic free radicals that cause oxidative damage. Among various types of oxidative damage, damage caused by radiation is the earliest and most systematic field of research in the biomedical field. Even if the theory of free radical aging was first proposed, it was mainly based on the oxidative damage of human cells caused by external rays. Therefore, does hydrogen have any resistance to radiation damage? The effect is important evidence to verify that hydrogen resists oxidative damage.
In terms of combating radiation damage, Chinese scholars have made outstanding contributions, especially the research group of Professor Cai Jianming of the Second Military Medical University. Since 2009, they have published many research papers, proving that hydrogen has an anti-radiation effect on various radiation damage. The group has also won 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, and is still further researching the molecular basis of this effect.
Hydrogen can reduce acute damage to organs caused by radiation, inhibit cell apoptosis, and reduce oxidative stress reactions, and has broad application prospects.
In summary, hydrogen-rich water has anti-radiation damage effect, and there is a certain dose-effect relationship. The mechanism may be related to the ability of hydrogen to neutralize hydroxyl radicals, which provides a theoretical basis for the application of hydrogen-rich water in the field of radiation protection and can lay the foundation for further research.

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