Knowledge of Hydrogen Water Bottle Aug 27, 2021
1.The higher concentration of Hydrogen Water Bottle, the better?

According to the current results, the higher hydrogen concentration, the more significant effects on the improvement of the disease. It is necessary to emphasize that drinking hydrogen should be a health care method, and then high concentration of hydrogen water, it is necessary to insist on drinking for a while to see the changes of each body indicator, and the hydrogen water "drugs are removed, and they will be treated" is unrealistic. It is more advocated that everyone is combined with a variety of hydrogen intake.

2. when is it better to Drink Hydrogen Water?

There is no hard regulation, but the morning is trying to drink a certain amount of hydrogen in the morning, and the daily drinking water structure does not need to be changed, but the drinking water is added to hydrogen. Many people reacts to drink hydrogen, and the number of urination will increase, need attention. Senior people with bad kidneys usually control drinking water, drink hydrogen water before going to bed at night, 200-300 ml can, prevent too much sleep quality in the night.

3. Can drink hydrogen can lower blood fat?

Have a certain effect, according to the crowd research, drinking hydrogen water in a concentration of 1.0 ppm, 1200-1500 ml per day, 1 month or so, cholesterol is reduced by about 10%, if the concentration of drinking is high, and the water is more likely to be more effective. It should be noted that many people drinking hydrogen in the early stage of the appetite and digestive tract absorption function (more and more absorbed), there will be blood triglycerides (which is the staple food such as rice, etc.) Phenomenon, persist in long-term drinking, slowly decrease, blood lipids are not independent, and the function of many organs of the body (liver, kidney, muscle), using hydrogen, blood fat, need long-term, can not treat hydrogen water as drugs After the blood lipids are lowered, they will not drink.

4. Drink Electrolyzed Hydrogen Water Bottle can lower uric acid?
According to the crowd research, drink Electrolyzed hydrogen water in a concentration of 1.0 ppm, 600-800 ml per day. 3 months of uric acid indicating less than about 60 (normal uric acid, men 150-420 micromole / liter, female 90-360 micromole / liter), high uric acid to indicate abnormalities in body cell metabolism and kidney excretion, must pay attention to, normal range The closer uric acid is, the better the low limit. For example, male uric acid is more ideal if it controls for about 200. Uric acid increase is a complex problem. At present, the case of human groups with hydrogen to reduce uric acid is more common, but there is no case in which uric acid has no change. In order to reduce the damage of uric acid on blood vessels and organs, it is also necessary for long-term drinking Hydrogen Ionizer Water in patients with uric acid and gout.

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