Without diet and exercise less,Water To Hydrogen Bottle can also lose weight Sep 03, 2021

1.Molecular Hydrogen Water Bottle promotes energy metabolism and treats obesity by inducing liver FGF21

This study was conducted in obese mice. It proved that Hydrogen Infused Water Maker can reduce body weight without affecting the diet, and that this effect is related to FGF21, which is an important new target for diabetes treatment.

2. Research shows that PEM Hydrogen Water Ionizer has the effect of losing weight

The group of Professor Naruo Ota of Japan Medical University published an important article on hydrogen treatment of diseases. In 2007, they were the first internationally to prove that hydrogen can treat stroke through selective antioxidant. The laboratory is the Institute of Geriatrics of Japan Medical University. Research on mitochondria and oxidative damage. The diseases studied mainly include cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. In recent years, they have carried out a large number of very in-depth systematic studies on the treatment of the above-mentioned diseases by hydrogen.

This research is to discover that hydrogen has the effect of weight loss, and it is also a very attractive research topic. After they discovered this effect two years ago, they have applied for an international patent for the effect of hydrogen on weight loss.

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