Molecular Hydrogen can treat type 2 diabetes Sep 03, 2021
This study was published in the internationally renowned journal Obesity. The content of the study is very rich. First of all, they found that Electrolytic PEM H2 Machine can promote the accumulation of glycogen in the liver. They used db/db mice lacking leptin receptors to prove that hydrogen can treat type 2 diabetes.

Research suggests that PEM Health Care Hydrogen Generator may have potential value in the treatment of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. This research has once again deepened the molecular mechanism of the biological effects of hydrogen, and has important reference value for explaining why hydrogen can treat arteriosclerosis, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. It will be a classic literature with important influence in the field of hydrogen biology.

Further reading about FGF21: In animal experiments, FGF21 has been proven to reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, inhibit glucagon secretion, promote insulin secretion, improve insulin sensitivity, improve pancreatic β-cell function and survival rate, and regulate blood circulation Adipocyte factor. Studies have also shown that FGF21 can reduce plasma levels of interleukin-8, C-reactive protein, and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, and increase adiponectin levels. In addition, FGF21 can also pass through the blood-brain barrier. For this reason, some people believe that FGF21 is expected to become a new type of hypoglycemic agent in the future.

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