The reason of why Molecular Hydrogen Generator is an ideal health medicine Sep 08, 2021
The "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline puts forward: to improve people's health as the core, reform and innovation of institutional mechanisms as the driving force, and focus on popularizing healthy life, optimizing health services, improving health protection, building a healthy environment, and developing health industries.

The national health strategic plan has started from clinical medicine focusing on saving the dead and helping the wounded and moving towards health medicine focusing on improving people's health. This is compatible with the progress of social civilization and changes in population structure.

What is health medicine? The core goal of health medicine is to improve people's health. The specific strategy should be considered based on the main issues that affect people's health. The current diseases that affect people's health are mainly non-infectious diseases such as chronic metabolic diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, and malignant tumors. The main factors affecting health and the occurrence of chronic diseases are genetic factors, diet, exercise, and sleep.

The specific measures of health medicine are fully embodied in Chapter 5 of the Healthy China Action Plan, "Shaping Autonomous and Self-disciplined Healthy Behaviors". Reasonable diet, national fitness exercise, mental health.

What are the characteristics of health medicine tools?

One is that the requirements for rapid effectiveness are not too high. The effectiveness of health medicine is often considered in the overall or general sense. The pursuit of long-term effects and overall value is not the most reliable method for individuals and specific diseases. For example, diet intervention, diet and nutrition have very large individual differences. This aspect is easier to understand for clinical nutrition. Different diseases require different nutritional support. For health medicine, different individuals are also different. Fruits are healthy foods for most people, but for people who are intolerant to certain fructose, fruits are toxic foods. However, as a means of group health intervention, we will still widely publicize that fruits and vegetables are healthy foods.

Second, there are higher requirements for the safety of health medical tools. Of course, safety is also considered as a whole. Security is a relative concept, only the level of security, there is no absolute security method. In particular, interventions that have a certain impact on the body are not absolutely safe or completely safe. Nonetheless, everything that can be used as a means of health medicine has a very high level of safety. For example, healthy eating, increased exercise, psychological intervention, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, and clean air, these methods are certainly very safe. Why do health medical methods require higher safety? Obviously, health promotion is not disease treatment. The drugs used to treat diseases can accept the toxicity and side effects of drugs based on their effect on disease relief. For example, in the treatment of cancer, we can receive certain treatments that can cause gene mutations. Radiotherapy is a typical method, because it can destroy and kill tumor cells more quickly, even if it increases the chance of gene mutations, we can’t take care of this in order to achieve the goal of treatment as soon as possible. too much. But for healthy individuals, we cannot use these toxic methods, and even some side effects are relatively taboo. Therefore, there are thousands of medicines, and medicines that can be used for health promotion are very rare. The main reason why vitamins and minerals were so popular in the past is that these substances themselves are needed by the human body, and they are the basic components of the human body. Their safety is very high and they are widely used in the field of health promotion.

The third is that health medicine tools are easy to promote. This feature requires that health medicine methods should not be too expensive and not too complicated. Simplicity and economy are the basic requirements of health medicine tools. Without simplicity and economy as the basis, it is not easy to promote in the crowd, and it is difficult to truly achieve social effects.

We look at if PEM Molecular Hydrogen Maker meets the requirements according to the standards of health medicine. First, there is a lot of research evidence on the effectiveness of Health Care Molecular Hydrogen Ionizer. These research evidences have even reached the level of exercise and diet intervention. Of course, there is still insufficient research in large-scale populations. , Which is very good for a new field that has just begun to be studied. I believe that the amount and grade of evidence on the effect of hydrogen will get higher and higher. Secondly, there is very high clear evidence for the safety of Water to Hydrogen Inhalation in the human body. The safety of hydrogen surpasses air, application intervention, exercise intervention, and many vitamins and minerals that seem to be safe. Of course, there is still a need for further research in this area. Recently, Harvard University has given everyone a good reference in biosafety research. The third is that the convenience and economic benefits of hydrogen far surpass many classic health medicine methods.

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