The effect of Hydrogen Water Bottle depends on the concentration of hydrogen Sep 08, 2021

The University of Colorado research suggests that the early earth atmosphere is rich in hydrogen, which promotes the origin of life "CU Study Shows Early Earth Atmosphere Hydrogen-Rich, Favorable To Life".

The key to the effect of hydrogen water is to dissolve sufficient concentration of hydrogen in the Hydrogen Infused Water Bottle through various advanced technologies. The maintenance of hydrogen water is the key to keep hydrogen in water products. In order to solve the problem of hydrogen leakage, many foreign manufacturers adopt monthly distribution methods to improve hydrogen concentration.Some manufacturers are also optimizing the packaging technology to extend the retention time of hydrogen.

Many people have this question, isn't there hydrogen in the water? It is true that there is no hydrogen in ordinary water. Of course water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, but atoms are not molecules. Just like glucose contains three atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is also 2:1, but glucose does not have molecular carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, nor does it have water molecules. You only need to take a junior high school chemistry course to understand this easily.

The solubility of hydrogen in water is relatively low. Under normal circumstances, it can dissolve a maximum of 18 milliliters of hydrogen per 1000 milliliters, which is about 0.804 millimoles. The scientific measurement concentration is recorded as 0.804 millimoles/liter (mM). Many hydrogen aquatic products use ppm as the unit, and the ppm concentration is the part per million of the mass of the solute in the total mass of the solution, which is closely related to the density of the solvent. It can be calculated simply because each mole of hydrogen is equal to 2 grams, and 0.804 mmol of hydrogen is equal to 0.804*2/1000=1.608 mg. The mass of 1000 milliliters of water is 1000 grams. 1.608 mg of hydrogen/(1000*1000) mg of water = 1.608ppm. The meaning is that 1.608 milligrams of hydrogen are dissolved per million milligrams of water, or 1.608 kilograms of hydrogen are dissolved per million kilograms of water.

In the past 10 years, Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle has been discovered by scientists to promote cell metabolism and relieve inflammation. It has received extensive attention from medical biologists. Since 2007, more than 700 related academic papers have been published. We will also conduct some new research. Content tracking, timely introduction to the majority of hydrogen medicine colleagues and enthusiasts.

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