The effect of hydrogen inhalation Sep 28, 2021
The benefit of using a PEM H2 Inhalation Generator to absorb hydrogen is actually the effect of hydrogen. Generally speaking, hydrogen medical workers in the world agree that hydrogen can quickly break through the cell membrane and enter the nucleus to neutralize the toxic hydroxyl free radicals in the human body. It is known from medical practice that H2 Gas Inhalation Generator has anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical functions for the human body.

■Fan Min, Department of Urology, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, China, published in the Journal of Urology, the flagship journal of the American Urological Association. The study showed that drinking hydrogen saline (5ml/kg/d) for diabetic animals can effectively treat ED. This is the first research report on the therapeutic effect of Molecular H2 Machine on ED in the world.

■A study by the Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital affiliated to the Second Military Medical University found that hydrogen water injection has a protective effect on liver tissue oxidation and inflammatory damage after drug-induced liver injury. Research has laid the foundation for hydrogen to prevent liver injury from drugs. The research paper was published in Int J Clin Exp Med 2016;9.

■In 2011, Professor Ota, a Japanese hydrogen medical research scholar, in the internationally renowned journal Obesity, |doi:10.1038/oby.2011.6, found that hydrogen water can promote liver glycogen accumulation. Using leptin receptor-deficient db/db mice, it is proved that hydrogen can treat type 2 diabetes and has a significant therapeutic effect on fatty liver caused by normal high-fat diet. Long-term drinking of hydrogen water can reduce the amount of water in the diet without reducing the amount of drinking water. Weight, reducing body fat, which means that it has a weight loss effect.

■Kang et al. allowed liver cancer patients to drink hydrogen-rich water for 6 weeks during radiotherapy, which significantly reduced the active oxygen metabolites in the blood of liver cancer patients and maintained the oxidation potential in the blood, and the quality of life score of the patients was significantly improved.

■In 2016, 22 scholars and 18 research institutions, including 17 Japanese research structures and 1 Swedish Karolinska Institute (the unit of the Nobel Medical Prize Committee) carried out a multi-center clinical study with the purpose of proving hydrogen water It can treat Parkinson's disease. The title of the paper is A randomized double-blind multi-center trial of hydrogen water for Parkinson's disease: protocol and baseline characteristics. And basic features). The paper was published in BMC Neurol. 2016 May 12;16:66. This study will confirm the therapeutic effect of hydrogen water on Parkinson's.

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