The effect of Hydrogen Inhalation after cardiac arrest and resuscitation Sep 29, 2021

Research by Japanese scholars; the effect of hydrogen inhalation after cardiac arrest and resuscitation (interview with Sano Motoaki)

Inhalation of 600ml Hydrogen outlet Hydrogen Ventilator to patients with cardiac arrest caused by myocardial infarction may increase survival rate and reduce brain damage. The Keio University research team could not publish this research result. The team led by Associate Professor Sano Motoaki of Keio University noticed that hydrogen has an inhibitory effect. The body cells are busy, so I did an animal experiment. The rats that were caught in a cardiac arrest state were resuscitated and immediately inhaled Health care H2 Theraphy Generator. The results found that the survival rate of the rats that did not inhale hydrogen was only 38% after a week, while the hydrogen inhalation group improved To 71%, at the same time, the damage of brain nerve cells has also been reduced.

In the emergency medical field, hypothermia therapy is mainly used to reduce the body temperature of cardiac arrest patients to prevent brain damage, but the hydrogen absorption method is more convenient. Therefore, the research team hopes to confirm the effect in humans through clinical trials in the future. It is very important for patients to return to their original state. Even if the previous method can save the patients life, there are still many problems from the perspective of returning to society. In the future, through the introduction of Portable H2 Inhalation Machine hydrogen absorption, we look forward to this problem. It should be improved.

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