Hydrogen water and gout Sep 29, 2021
Autumn is here and many people have gout. After eating a summer beer + seafood gout package, this gout was successfully arranged. Gout is joint pain caused by the gradual accumulation of uric acid in the body and finally deposits in joints and other parts.

Due to long-term high uric acid, a large amount of urate crystals are deposited around the joints to stimulate chronic inflammation and hyperplasia. It often leads to appearance deformities and repeated attacks of gout. In severe cases, joints are damaged, infections occur, and disability occurs.

These deposits are formed during the decomposition of purine compounds, which naturally exist in the human body and in food. This is why there are many people with gout in coastal areas, which is closely related to eating habits. The reason why gout often strikes at night is that the human body is in a relatively dehydrated state at night, and uric acid is more likely to deposit and accumulate in joints and other parts, causing gout.

In a 2013 study, scientists found that Portable Hydrogen Water Cup can effectively deal with unstable free radicals in the body-compounds that cause inflammation in the body. Based on this, as an antioxidant to reduce inflammation, hydrogen has a scientific basis for fighting gout in humans. To

In 2017, Guilin Medical College published a research paper "The Protective Effect of Hydrogen-Rich Normal Saline on Gouty Arthritis in Rats" published in "Guangdong Medicine".

In the same year, 301 Hospital published a clinical research report in the "Chinese Journal of Clinical Healthcare" that the results of research and animal experiments mutually verified the effects of Hydrogen Water Cup on gout, hyperuricemia and uric acid arthritis.

Long-term drinking of Good quality H2 Cup can reduce the number of gout attacks by reducing the content of blood uric acid to promote the decomposition of gout crystals.

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