Live without hydrogen is bad Jul 14, 2021

Life is an oxidation process, there are free radicals when there is oxidation, the process of producing energy to produce free radicals, will bring harm to our human body. Free radicals not only come from the body, external air pollution, electromagnetic radiation, pesticide residues, formaldehyde exceeding the standard after interior decoration and bad living habits will produce large toxic free radicals, resulting in the DNA of cells or mitochondria received attacks, causing various diseases.

After years of research, Japanese scientists have found that hydrogen is the best antioxidant, adding hydrogen molecules every day, which can scavenge excessive free radicals in the body and selectively resist oxidation.

Hydrogen Generator and 6 Efficiency:

1. longevity: the Japan hydrogen research team and the US hydrogen research team have done such an experiment with two identical white mice, and the study found that long-term use of hydrogen water in white mice far longer than ordinary white mice.

2. whitening and freckle: according to many research team experiments, long-term breathing of hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can effectively enhance skin elasticity, reduce spots, make skin more bright and delicate, desalination dark.

3.Effect of weight loss: according to many years of in-depth research by a team of professors from the Institute of Geriatrics, Japan Medical University, we found that hydrogen has the effect of weight loss, and

4. Anti-Oxidant: research by the institute of Nanjing Medical University has proved that long-term respiration of hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can improve human antioxidant substances, thus neutralizing malignant reactive oxygen species in the human body and helping to repair human cells.

5.Strengthen immunity:according to the research of the Institute of Medicine, Hiroshima University, Japan, it is proved that breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can effectively promote collagen synthesis of human fibroblasts, scavenge harmful free radicals, inhibit the death of keratinocytes and improve human immunity.

6.Improve physical condition: hydrogen can improve the condition of chronic diseases that occur in the body. the important effect is to have a good improvement effect on oxidative stress related diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, tumor and other major human diseases and allergic problems.

Formation and hazards of reactive oxygen species

A large part of the oxygen from breathes makes energy in the cell with food. In this process, the oxygen atom has an extra electron state called "reactive oxygen species ", which is unstable and snatches the electrons of other substances, which causes the substance to be oxidized.

The harm of reactive oxygen species to the human body is mainly reflected in that it will attack the normal cells. it will attack the DNA genetic factors in the cells and induce cancer, gene mutation, vascular disease, vascular disease, dementia, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more than 70 fatal chronic diseases.

Causes of reactive oxygen species

Pressure/Smoking/Disturbance of blood circulation/UV/Environmental pollution/Radioactive ray

Hydrogen, in contrast to oxygen, has a reductive effect, which can give electrons to substances that are removed by oxygen, restore them to their original state, reduce the malignant reactive oxygen species produced in the human body – OH-, produce completely harmless water and play a protective role in the human body.

Hydrogen - Fundamental to Life Balance

1.The only antioxidant that can pass through the cell wall to clear the reactive oxygen species generated within the cell.

2.Selective reactions with harmful reactive oxygen species (OH-) and 1O2

3.It is the smallest of all substances, the only one that can pass through the blood-brain barrier to clear the reactive oxygen species produced in the brain nerve.

Hydrogen binds to reactive oxygen

Hydrogen binds to reactive oxygen to prevent reactive oxygen species from damaging and destroying cells.

Antioxidant sword - hydrogen

Effective anti-UV calming and soothing of damaged skin

Effective scavenging of reactive oxygen species and inhibition of tumor proliferation

Effective repair of damaged islet cells and prevention of diabetic complications

Helps relieve rheumatism arthritis

Selective free radical scavenging for cardiovascular diseases

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