Six directions of hydrogen in the future Jul 14, 2021

Since there is still a lack of very solid evidence of clinical effects and the molecular mechanism of hydrogen biological action, basic and clinical research on hydrogen medicine will continue.

1) The molecular mechanism of the effect of hydrogen
Hydrogen can change the expression of many proteins and genes. In particular, hydrogen can inhibit or change the expression of related proteins and genes such as inflammation, allergies, apoptosis and oxidative stress. These molecules change significantly in the course of a variety of acute and chronic diseases. The question here is the molecular mechanism through which hydrogen regulates the expression of these proteins. I believe this is one of the core issues that many laboratories interested in hydrogen medicine consider daily.

2) Molecular target of hydrogen
Hydrogen acts as targets on various cell receptors, cell membrane levels, protease activity, protein synthesis and gene expression regulation. Taking into account the complexity of biological systems, these studies should achieve breakthroughs through cellular and molecular research, using biochemical methods or biophysical methods.
3) Analysis of hydrogen concentration at the cellular level

The diffusion ability of hydrogen is very strong, but if you want to understand the basis of the effect of hydrogen, you must understand the concentration of hydrogen in tissues and cells, especially the law of changes in various tissues and cells after use. In this respect, the detection methods and strategies need to be optimized and improved.

4) Clinical research needs to be strengthened

Most research papers belong to animal model studies, which are relatively low-end evidence in evidence-based medicine. In order to promote the clinical application of hydrogen, evidence from multi-center large-scale double-blind controlled clinical studies is required. Of course, for long-term considerations, terminal clinical trials are required Evidence of treatment effect. The safety of hydrogen is relatively high, which provides an important prerequisite for the clinical application of hydrogen. However, many clinical scholars currently do not realize the special advantages of hydrogen therapy, and the motivation for clinical research is still insufficient. In addition, the lack of funding and policy support from the state and large research institutions is also an important issue affecting the clinical research of hydrogen medicine.

5) Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various hydrogen supply methods

There have been many uses of hydrogen as a tool to treat diseases. The common ones are breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water. These methods have their own characteristics. For example, hydrogen water is more convenient and beneficial to ordinary patients, but the solubility of hydrogen is relatively low, which means that this method cannot achieve the purpose of human body ingesting a large amount of hydrogen. Although breathing hydrogen can increase the intake of hydrogen, there are problems such as complicated operations and certain risks, which require relatively high technical support. More importantly, these methods have different ways for hydrogen to enter the human body, and the effects may be different. This needs to be answered by further comparative studies. For specific patients and target groups, dialysis, intravenous injection and bathing are also worthy of in-depth study.

6) Physiological effects of hydrogen
Physiological effects are higher-level effects. Recently, some scholars have discovered that hydrogen has an effect on the regulation of blood vessels in healthy people. Some studies have also found that breathing and drinking hydrogen in advance for a period of time can prevent certain diseases and injuries, indicating that hydrogen can produce some long-term or chronic effects. Physiological effects and chronic long-term effects are of special value for in-depth understanding of the effect basis of hydrogen, and are worthy of in-depth study.

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