The application prospect and value of hydrogen Jul 14, 2021

Hydrogen has a very wide range of applications. The earliest application was to fill hydrogen balloons. Before the invention of airplanes, humans used hot air balloons and hydrogen balloons as flying vehicles, which was the earliest way to realize the dream of flying into the sky. The most important application of hydrogen is as a fuel and industrial raw material. As a promising new energy source, hydrogen fuel cell technology is valued by the world today. In the field of medical biology, hydrogen has just begun to be paid attention to. The wide range of effectiveness, biosafety, economical benefits, and convenient access of hydrogen determine its huge and broad application prospects in the field of biomedicine.

Cavendish found that the proportion of hydrogen is very small, and proposed the idea of using hydrogen inflatable balloons as a flying tool in the future. The first test of a hydrogen balloon in the sky was the French physicist J AC Charles (Charlie). Based on Cavendish's vision, Charlie made a balloon with a diameter of 3.65 meters (27 cubic meters). In order to obtain enough hydrogen, he used 226 kg of sulfuric acid and 450 kg of iron powder to react. After repeated attempts, Charlie made a hydrogen balloon on August 27, 1783, and was lifted to 1,000 meters in Paris without anyone. Charlie's hydrogen balloon lifted off. Franklin, the US ambassador to France, was also there. When a skeptic said, "What's the use?", the American ambassador retorted angrily, "What's the use of a newborn baby! ".

When hydrogen was first discovered, the first use that people thought of was to use the gas's low density and high buoyancy to make balloons flying into the sky. With the deepening of hydrogen research, it is gradually discovered that hydrogen has more important properties. For example, it has been discovered that hydrogen has a reducing effect and can be used as a raw material in many chemical industries. For example, synthetic ammonia uses hydrogen and nitrogen as raw materials. Hydrogen is added to unsaturated fatty acids for hydrogenation to produce margarine, shampoo, lubricant, household cleaners and other products. Hydrogenation is used to refine crude oil through desulfurization and hydrocracking. In the high-temperature processing of glass manufacturing and the manufacturing of electronic microchips, hydrogen can be added to the nitrogen shielding gas to remove residual oxygen.

Hydrogen energy is the most important application field of hydrogen. The aerospace industry has long used liquid hydrogen as a fuel. As the basic fuel of fuel cells, hydrogen is the energy medium of hydrogen energy in the future. The outstanding advantage of hydrogen energy is that it is carbon-free and environmentally friendly. The reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to produce water to release energy is the core process of hydrogen energy application. This process is environmentally friendly, and does not involve the conversion and utilization of carbon, and does not bring about the environment. Coming under pressure.

Hydrogen or the element hydrogen has played a very important and irreplaceable role in the history of modern science. Many great scientific discoveries are obtained around the research of hydrogen and hydrogen. "Legend of Hydrogen" written by John Rigdon is a famous popular science book on this topic.

After 2007, the medical and biological effects of hydrogen were discovered. The application of hydrogen in the field of life sciences has opened a new window. Hydrogen has been comprehensively studied by humans for a long time, can be prepared by a variety of simple methods, and is easy to obtain. Hydrogen is extremely safe to humans and organisms, and provides basic conditions for the availability of this gas. The diversity of hydrogen's biological effects has laid a basic prerequisite for the wide application of hydrogen. Economical simplicity, high safety, and extensive effects make hydrogen in the medical field a beautiful landscape for hydrogen applications. In the future, people are expected to fully embrace hydrogen life by inhaling hydrogen, drinking hydrogen water, injecting hydrogen solution, hydrogen bathing, hydrogen water farmland irrigation, and hydrogen water aquaculture.

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