Equipped with MMS Hydrogen Oxygen machine will be finished Aug 18, 2023

A new generation of intelligent Hydrogen inhaler machine Lr-3000Pro

Equipped with MMS medical solutions,it is Li rui Technology integrates the medical-grade vital signs monitoring algorithm applied in the field of intelligent solutions hydrogen and oxygen equipment.MMS is Medical Monitor Solution.

Powerful features of MMS

Automatically start and stop

Put on the absorption tube, MMS will automatically sense immediately, and the device will start automatically. When the absorption tube is removed or falls off about 15 seconds, the device will automatically stop

Pulse gas supply

Pulse gas supply of MMS, simultaneous pulse control of hydrogen and oxygen dual gas circuits

Gather air when the user exhales and release it intensively when inhaling

Effectively increase the hydrogen and oxygen intake ratio, up to 3.5 times

Enhance user experience at the same time

Vital signs monitoring

With oximeter accessories (the blood oxygen probe will be attached when it is shipped)

So the user's blood oxygen and pulse rate can be monitored throughout the user's usage

When blood oxygen saturation <96%

MMS will immediately switch the gas supply from pure hydrogen mode to oxyhydrogen mode

Make hydrogen inhalation safer

Lirui Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

Professional make more at ease

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