150ml MMS Hydrogen breathing machine have been finished Sep 20, 2023

MMS pulse hydrogen oxygen machine Lr-500Pro have been finished.

Product Name: Oxygen Hydrogen Machine

Hydrogen and oxygen flow/pulse efficiency: 180mL/min/equal to 500mL/min

Noise: <60dB(A)

Rated power: 60VA

Power supply: 100~240V, 50-60Hz

Net weight/Gross weight: 1.4Kg/1.6Kg

Appearance size:130*130*214mm

Operating temperature and humidity: 5℃-40℃; <80%RH

When the automatic start-stop function is turned on, and the Hydrogen Inhaler like Japan will automatically start supplying gas when the user put on the absorption tube as the Hydrogen breathing machine detecting the user's breathing

When the automatic start-stop function is turned on, the H2 breathing machine will automatically stop the air supply and enter the standby state when the absorption tube is removed or falls off about 15 seconds

Automatic detection of respiratory wave   

Automatically start

Lirui hydrogen oxygen machine

Professional is more at ease

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