The first Mid-Autumn Carnival of Lirui Technology Sep 26, 2023

Summer is passing and autumn is coming, the evening breeze is blowing, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is right in front of us. In order to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, create a warm and festive atmosphere of reunion, enrich our company's cultural and entertainment life, and strengthen the emotional bonds between colleagues, on the evening of 23th, September, the first Mid-Autumn Carnival of H2 breathing machine Lirui Technology  held the "2023 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival". "The event started with a heart-warming start, and all Lirui H2 Inhaler from China family members talked and reunited.

Lirui Hydrogen Inhaler machine set up games such as guessing lantern riddles, happy hoops, throwing sandbags, pushing hoops, and catching glass balls. Everyone collected stamps by participating in the games and participated in redeeming prizes.

The sweet notes stir the heartstrings, and the beautiful singing voices evoke resonance, making people unable to help but hum along with the music. As songs, musical instrument performances and other programs were interspersed, the event entered an intense lottery draw. We also invited sponsors to give exquisite gifts to the winning friends.

Finally, we had a barbecue.

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